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The Bodega Semi-Annual Sale Is Like Shopping the Wardrobe of a Cool 90s Movie

Our favorite picks—from button-ups to bucket hats—for thirsty skater kids, Guy Fieri enthusiasts, Gregg Araki lovers, and you.
bodega sale
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Stupid-hot deals on all of our favorite stuff.

Park your wheels, jabronis. Bodega, a.k.a. the internet’s favorite Modela-filled streetwear watering hole for skater kids, Guy Fieri enthusiasts, and Gregg Araki lovers, has just dropped news of their juicy semi-annual sale.

If you’re new to Bodega: Welcome to the digital equivalent of locking eyes with a stranger over a late-night baconeggncheese. Since its founding in 2006, Bodega prides itself not only on the eclectic flavor and joyous buffoonery to be found at the NYC markets of its namesake, but on its inclusive nature. Bodega declares itself “a refuge and tool for a clandestine group of artists” from all walks of life, “including through the ideation and execution of creative endeavors examining the intersection of fashion, counterculture, community, and the arts.” We love reading theory. 


Expect 60% markdowns on so many street wear labels we love (but can’t always justify shelling out for full-price), vibey workwear staples, subtle ska band-worthy socks, and more. Here are our top picks from the sale section, and happy diving.

A cheeky Swingers throwback button-up

Wacko Maria 50s Shirt

Photo: Bodega

We love seeing Mid-Century style get butter-churned by Wacko Maria, whose aesthetic dives into nostalgic 'fits with a sense of tongue-in-cheek. The label was founded by former J-League soccer players Atsuhiko Mori and Keiji Ishizuka in 2005 to do just that, and this jazzy leopard collaboration with Carhartt WIP is the perfect blend of “nightlife and night shift.” 

Carhartt WIP x Wacko Maria 50s shirt, $295 $118 at Bodega

For skating into a Soviet pizza parlor

RassVet Socks

Photo: Bodega

We can just smell the checkered linoleum and spicy olive oil. These cube tubes were designed by Moscow-born fashion designer Gosha Rubchinsky and creative partner Tolia Titaev—not as a way to talk about pizza (although it feels very Paulie Gee's Slice Shop) but as a way to counter old cliches about Russian skate culture (“Rassvet” [PACCBET] is actually Russian for dawn or daybreak).

Rassvet Men’s Sports Socks, $35.00 $14.00 at Bodega

The 1980s ski chalet fit


Photo: Bodega

When Futur launched, it “deliberately created almost zero online presence for itself,” in the hopes of creating a more old-school persona. We’re so glad they’re now diving even deeper, and exploring a John-Denver-and-cocaine-at-the-ski-chalet fantasy. This jacket will make you look and feel like the king of the slopes, even if your mattress is still on the floor for the foreseeable future


Futur North Jacket, $358 $143 at Bodega

A hard-chilling beanie

The Good Company Beanie

Photo: Bodega

Nothing says, “fur shur” like beige, and nothing says it better than a beanie, the unofficial, cross-seasonal bonnet of New York City. The Good Company is a Lower East side staple, and the label’s interpretation of the classic beanie doesn’t disappoint, acting as a sandy-colored Bat Signal to “all creatively-inclined locals, from teen skaters to NYC icons like Wiki.” Gotta love the straight-out-of-Hackers logo, too. 

The Good Company Galaxy Beanie, $40 $16 at Bodega

Wavy 1970s knitwear for your sneakers

CHUCK 70 HI Vibrant Knit

Photo: Bodega

Converse is such a time-tried OG, so we’re glad it finally decided to wrap up its iconic Chucks in a cozy, retro knitwear fit. “Call it the galaxy brain version of buying two different pairs,” says the description, “and [then] mismatching them” that was hip in the 1990s. Very much here for that resurgence. 

CHUCK 70 HI Vibrant Knit, $120 $48 at Bodega

A button-up for Positive Mental Attitude fans

Stussy Button-Up

Photo: Bodega

The ska kid in all of us rejoices in the Stüssy kid in all of us, who rejoices in the post-pandemic fantasy of pulling up to the bowling alley in a date-night-Guy-Fieri fit. Zoom in, and you’ll even notice an Art Deco motif on this button-up—a nod to “the new Roaring 20s,” according to the description.


Stüssy Deco Striped Shirt, $120 $48 at Bodega

The golden child of the bucket hat clan

Bucket Hat

Photo: Bodega

Because we want a bucket hat with ample brimmage going into 2021, capable of shielding our faces from the woes of this world whilst giving us a jazzy silhouette. Designer Hiromichi Ochiai delivers on all fronts with this bucket hat, which looks like it breezed right out of 1984. 

Facetasm ACC hat, $195 $58 at Bodega

The bummer-repellent sweatshirt

Vans Sweatshirt

Photo: Bodega

There are days when everyone at Vans wakes up and hand-squeezes their orange juice. On those days, sweatshirts like this are born: cheery homages to both skate culture and workwear, united under a sunset-colored, Vans wordmark logo. 

Vault by Vans x LQQK Studio, $110 $44 at Bodega

Overalls that make you look like retro bric-a-brac

Overalls by Keizo Shimizu

Photo: Bodega

A wise person (or tweet) once said that all clothing is unisex if you’re not a coward, and we couldn’t agree more. “Needles is Japanese design maven Keizo Shimizu’s almost avant garde take on vintage and utilitarian clothing,” says the descriptor of these overalls, which is a great intro to an item of Shimizu’s clothing that sends us to the moon and back in a striped, shag-carpeted rocket. The pant legs are bell-bottom flare is *chef’s kiss* touch, the long zipper makes it easier to pee, and the color makes it perfect with, you know, everything. Bury us in these. 


Needles Women’s Flared Overall, $190 $477 on Bodega

The sweatshirt you wear to rescue Grimes from Elon Musk

Aries sweatshirt

Photo: Bodega

When tie dye dips its toes into street wear, it simultaneously raises a beautiful middle finger to The Man. This psychedelic long-sleeve makes us feel like a cosmic sea anemone, which is the perfect camouflage for our Grimes rescue mission. 

Aries Temple Tie Dye Tee, $163 $65 on Bodega

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