Hitler-Quoting Congresswoman's Husband Owns That Truck With a Three Percenter Sticker

The truck was parked near the Capitol during the riots on January 6.
Rep. Mary Miller, R-Ill., conducts a news conference with members of the House Freedom Caucus outside the Capitol to oppose the Equality Act, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, gender identity, and sexual orientation, on Thursday February

The mystery of a truck with militia-linked decals parked close to the U.S. Capitol during the January 6 insurrection has finally been solved. 

The truck appears to belong to the husband of Rep. Mary Miller, a newly-elected state GOP lawmaker from Illinois, who made a splash earlier this year when she quoted Hitler during a pro-Trump rally in DC the day before the Capitol riot, according to the Daily Beast.

Online sleuths associated with the Twitter account @capitolhunters were the first to note the potential link between the Miller and the truck, which was decorated with a decal associated with the Three Percenters, a loose anti-government militia network. 


After the riot, the truck remained parked by the Capitol, in an area inaccessible to normal traffic, according to a still from a CBS broadcast. 

Rep. Miller’s husband, Chris Miller, admitted that the truck belonged to him in an email to the Daily Beast late Thursday, but said he didn’t know anything about the significance of the decal. He said a friend had given it to him and he thought it was “cool.” 

The Three Percenters, whose logo is Roman numerals surrounded by stars, derive their name from the inaccurate claim that only three percent of Americans fought and ultimately overthrew British forces during the American Revolution. The group’s core belief is that a similarly-dedicated group of “patriots” could band together and fight back against a modern tyrannical government. Since this idea caught on around 2008, the Three Percenter logo has become increasingly commodified, sold on hats, t-shirts and truck decals. While it often does indicate direct affiliation with an active chapter, in other cases it’s a wink and a nod to anti-government sentiment. 

Federal prosecutors have honed in on the role of militias and other extremist groups played during the January 6 riot. Five men affiliated with the Three Percenters have been charged for their actions that day, including Robert Gieswein, who was seen in tactical gear clambering through a broken window into the Capitol Building. 

Rep. Miller, who was just elected last November, has proven to be a controversial figure even before her husband’s truck was identified. 

She has faced calls to resign after she alluded to Hitler during a “Moms for America” rally on January 5. 

“Hitler was right on one thing,” she told the crowd. “Whoever has the youth has the future.” 

Initially her office attempted to defend her remarks by claiming she was making a broader statement about dictators’ efforts to indoctrinate young people. When that didn’t work, she apologized, and accused others of twisting her words.