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A Shop in India Selling Weed Chocolates Just Got Busted

Breaking bud.
Shamani Joshi
Mumbai, IN
A Paan Shop in Hyderabad Selling Weed Chocolates Just Got Busted (2)

This article originally appeared on VICE India.

Edibles are the answer for all those who like getting really high, but don’t want to subject their lungs to the woes of weed. Especially in parts of India where bhang gola is legal, you’ll find people going green with artisanal weed-infused chocolate tarts, cakes and other creations. But one paan seller (usually a roadside shop selling a preparation combining betel leaf with areca nut) in Hyderabad was just found guilty of having the coolest secret side hustle: marijuana chocolates.


On Saturday, February 29, the Hyderabad police busted a paan seller named Jayanth Pradhan in Fateh Nagar for selling more than 200 weed-infused flavoured chocolates. Turns out, a guy named Akash Das has been operating a secret factory that produces these marijuana chocolates using weed scored from Odisha. In this sticky business, the ganja is crushed and mixed with chocolate powder and jaggery (the millennial-approved South Asian superfood) to create a toffee to give you a different kind of sugar rush. However, the issue was the lack of control and regulation since weed continues to be a banned substance. "The main customers for this chocolate are college-going students, who are getting addicted to it by eating this daily," Inspector Jeevan Kiran told The News Minute.

Last year itself, a similar bust had led the cops to a warehouse where more than 1,400 of these ganja chocolates were being kept. In another case, back in 2017, a certain Dr. Weedibles had taken over the market with his nutella-laced weed chocolates and 1,800 Instagram followers, before the cops caught up with him. Even every Indian parents' nightmare of their kids being given candy laced with drugs could be lowkey coming true, what with the crime branch busting an international drug racket in Bengaluru. It looks like the cops really like taking candy from such sugar babies.

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