Goth couples at Download Festival, 2021
Photo: Christopher Bethell

Awww, Here Are Cute Photos of Goth Couples at Download 2021

Finally, this weekend, it was possible to be a goth in love at a festival again.
Ryan Bassil
London, GB
June 21, 2021, 11:27am

Much like Glastonbury Festival and its connection with energetic ley lines, Donnington Park has a long generational history of hosting ear-deafening rock shows. At this point, it’s pretty much become a cider-soaked pilgrimage for Kerrang!-reading rock fans.

Back in the 80s, those muddied grasses up near Castle Donnington, in Leicestershire, hosted AC/DC, Iron Maiden and Metallica, as part of the Monsters of Rock festival. Most famously, they’ve consecutively hosted Download – arguably the UK’s biggest rock festival – for nearly 20 years.

While COVID-19 put a stop to the festival’s 2020 edition, they returned last weekend, hosting 10,000 punters as part of a pilot festival aimed to test whether festivals can safely operate during the coronavirus pandemic.

VICE photographer Christopher Bethell headed to the festival, photographing everything from the first (legal) mosh-pits in over a year, to the goth couples of Download, who you can see below, enjoying freedom.


Ash and Rob. Photo: Christopher Bethell.


Bekah and Jay. Photo: Christopher Bethell.


Sean and Danielle. Photo: Christopher Bethell.


Darran and Megan. Photo: Christopher Bethell.


James and Katheryn. Photo: Christopher Bethell.


Joe and Viki. Photo: Christopher Bethell.


Jon and Anna. Photo: Christopher Bethell.


Kevin and Laima. Photo: Christopher Bethell.


Matt and Megan. Photo: Christopher Bethell.


Laurie and Nikita. Photo: Christopher Bethell.


Si and Helen. Photo: Christopher Bethell.


Wotjek and Kinga. Photo: Christopher Bethell.