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Dad Grass Just Dropped New Merch and It's Perfect for Father's Day

The smokeable CBD hemp is one of our fave ways to kick back, and now we have new gear for lounging and toking on the brand's paranoia-free joints.
June 16, 2021, 9:25pm
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Oh hey man, what's up? Mind if I get a light? Thaaaanks. [Takes drag.] If you've been hanging out with us for a minute, you may have read some of our coverage of Dad Grass, the CBD-forward hemp that we've been puffing on for a paranoia-free smoking experience. We dig their pre-rolled joints. We dig their high-CBG Mom Grass. And we know that our raised-on-shwag papas will appreciate that Dad Grass won't give them the scaries that inevitably come with the nuclear hydroponic stuff that the dispensary-goin' kids love these days. 

Dad Grass

Hemp CBD Preroll 5 Pack

Father's Day is mere days away—some might say hours!—and you're stumped on what to give your stony daddy. Here are some ideas, with brand new merch and bundles straight from the DGHQ.

A stony coffee kit

Dads love ganja, but dads also love their morning roast. Give ‘em the best of all worlds with this bundle in collaboration with Yes Plz, which includes whole bean coffee, two doobies, and a vibey mug. “We start with an impeccable core of a smallholder farmed Colombia, add in a flash of fireworks from Ethiopia, and finish with a rich candybar-like Brazil,” write the lords of Dad Grass. Brew it up.

Dad Grass

Dad Grass x Yes Plz Dad Beans Batch #004 and Mug Bundle

A dad-friendly snapback

Dad Grass has two new hats that just chuckle, “pass me that joint, why don’t ya, sport?” We kinda like the dog. Don’t let your dog smoke, though. Maybe get it some CBD treats.

Dad Grass

Embroidered Dad Grass Dad Hat

… Matched with a fresh tee

Parents just don’t understand… how to acquire swag. We’re rollin’ in it, but our parents could use a little lift on where to get the merch plug. If you’re getting them the hat, grab a matching tee.

A sick pin for Dad’s starter jacket

Your dad may or may not remember the 70s, depending on both his age and how many drugs he was using during that decade, but what we know is that the practice of collecting (and sprucing up your jacket with) enamel pins has retro appeal that endures.

Dad Grass

Dad Grass Pack Pin


And, of course, just some flower

Maybe you don’t know your dad’s size, he’s not really an accessories guy, and he’s sensitive to caffeine. That’s fine. Grab him a half ounce of roll-it-yourself CBD bud, and he’ll relax so hard, he won’t even mind that your Father’s Day gift was kinda late.

Dad Grass

Hemp CBD Flower Half Ounce

Pass the Dutchie!

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