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The 'It Bag' of the Summer Is... a Case for Your Vaccination Card

Now that you're poked with anti-COVID juice, you gotta find a way to safely store that vax card for a hot, wet, sluttily stained summer.
May 3, 2021, 11:00am
vaccine card holder
Photo: Composite by VICE Staff

HOOPLA! You’re vaccinated. [Licks gold star; places on own forehead] You’ve gone through the rigamarole of booking, recovering, and posting the obligatory COVID-19 vaccination card story on Instagram (which…maybe don’t do that?) to make it all real, and hopefully encourage your peers to do the damn thing too. So...what now? You’ve placed that vax card in That One, Safe Catch-All on the High Shelf for the time being. You keep it secret, keep it safe. You keep it unlaminated! Because we might be getting them stamped for future booster shots. (All your lingering vaccine questions are answered here.)

Now that travel is starting to slowly open up again, we may also be using vaccine cards as ‘passports’ for certain places and events; It was just announced that Iceland is now welcoming vaccinated U.S. tourists, and other countries are following suit. This means our vaccine cards just went from gold stars for community service to a serious golden travel ticket. We’re ending this assault of Willy Wonka metaphors now, but the point is: You have to keep that card even safer at home, and on-the-go. You are in need of a [tilts top hat] vaccination card carrier. 

The Etsy crafters are on it (duh). But so are other designers and retailers, who have been busy whipping up holders for the best piece of four-by-three-inch (mostly, some clinics are offering ones of slightly different sizes) paper we’ve ever received. You heard it here first (or not, whatever), but in about a month’s time we will be seeing a sea of vaccinated cuties at the bar with wavy check holders for their Pfizer vax card. And if we do not see miniature Dior saddle bags for our J&J receipt in two months, so help us, Paris.


We’re sure the best is yet to come, but here’s a grab bag of our favorites from the first batch of COVID-19 vaccine card carriers for girls, guys, ghouls, and everyone in-between. Le it-bag of 2021 and beyond, my friend. 

The classic leather one (that also holds your passport) 


Photo: Etsy

This is a superb pick because it can hold both your passport and vax card—two things you'll likely wanna keep together, and which are both very important. Some might even say two birds, one tasteful leather stone. Interesting choice for the seller to include the sample name "Emely" in the photos, but whatever. All that we ask is that you not get one of the many holders out there adorned with a cringe pun about the "Fauci Ouchie." Although if you really must… do you. 

Personalized Leather Vaccination Passport Holder/Case, $19.90–$24.90 at Etsy


Genuine Leather Vaccination Passport Holder

LifeJoy Media

Vaccine Card Protector (4-Pack)

You're really into the tablecloths at NIGHT+MARKET


Photo: Etsy

These little cases are made with the oil cloth tablecloths found at many of our fave restaurants and aunties' houses, adorned with flowers or chile peppers. The bright colors also mean we're less likely to leave them on the Airbnb nightstand once we're properly traveling again. 

Vaccination card holder 4" x 3", $11 at Etsy

You’re practical. Thas cool.


Photo: Amazon

We love people like you. You’re not necessarily here to make a fashion statement, you just don’t want to get Cheeto dust and beer drool all over your vaccination card. Bravo, you big adult baby. This landyarded cover gets the job done, and comes in a three pack so you can dole them out to your BBFs. 

Vaccine Card Protector 4x3 with Lanyard (Pack of 3), $5.59 at Amazon


Waterproof Vaccine Card Holder (10-Pack)

To the clerb


Remember that one part in Blade Runner where they get to the strip club, and pull out a black holographic vaccination card? Yehhhhhhhh. 

Black Holo Vaccine Card Holder, $13 at Etsy

Lisa Frank is that you???

Card Holder

Photo: Etsy

Nah, but this rainbow snake print card holder comes really close. If you’re listening from your technicolor tower, sweet, reclusive Lisa: Give the people what they want, we beg of you. We need our vaccine cards to be flanked by two dolphins eating ice cream.  

Rainbow Snake Vaccination Card Holder, $9 at Etsy

For the slightly uncomfortable uncle 

Sarcastic Vaccination Card Holder

Photo: Etsy

And maybe that uncle is you. Pick between three different awkward jokes for this handmade leather (nice!) carrier, such as “I got shot TWICE and lived.”  

Sarcastic Vaccination Card Holder, $26.50 at Etsy

Now get out there and mingle, you vaccinated sweetie. 

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