Weekly Horoscope: June 7 - 13

There's a new moon eclipse in Gemini this week!
June 7, 2021, 4:15pm
Robin Eisenberg

There is a new moon eclipse in Gemini on Thursday, June 10, at 6:52 AM. Eclipses are like normal syzygy (a new or full moon), except they’re in perfect alignment, making them extra potent. This eclipse will align with Mercury, making it an important time to realize some deeply personal truths and subjective information. Also on Thursday, Mercury meets with the sun at 9:12 PM. Although Mercury is still retrograde, giving us an alternative path to reach conclusions, its meeting with the sun sheds light on our thoughts and perspectives.


Things heat up as action planet Mars enters fire sign Leo at 9:33 AM on Friday, June 11, giving us more courage to fight for what we think is important, and to be less precious around other people. Mars in Leo offers strength, focus, and perseverance.

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, connects with eccentric Uranus on Sunday, June 13, at 1:38 AM: This will bring about some unusual relationship dynamics and experimentations in style; there are things on the table that you wouldn’t normally go for. Also on Sunday, The sun clashes with dreamy Neptune at 7:39 PM UT, finding us changing our beliefs in the face of new information. There are things that we are realizing are just an illusion. This is also a time when we’re changing with certain trends and cultural tides.

All times ET.


You’re getting a better understanding of things through research and personal experimentation. The new moon eclipse falls in your house of communication and reading, giving you an extra push to learn more and do your own private investigations. The sun meets with retrograde Mercury, revealing things that have been misunderstood, and gently helping you to correct mistakes. Your planetary ruler, warrior Mars, enters fellow fire sign Leo, bringing you extra lust for life. You’re coming out of your cage and ready to chase after things that help you feel more like yourself again. The sun clashes with Neptune, bringing you a better understanding of things that you’ve misunderstood or imagined. This is a time to learn more about yourself and your mental processes through your imagination.


This year’s eclipses have brought a powerful surge of energy and thought about your financial dealings. This week’s will have your brain quickly moving as you think about money and how you can build enough to take care of yourself and others. Of course this is not always the most chill thing to think about. You get news about some miscalculated numbers as the sun meets with retrograde Mercury, giving you a better understanding of how to settle the bill. Action planet Mars moves into your house of home and family, bringing you more energy to do things around the house. If something at home doesn’t feel like it belongs to you, you’re ready to change it or give it to a new home.


The new moon eclipse in your sign brings a moment of deep reflection and pause. Give yourself extra time to rest and focus, even though there are new opportunities presenting themselves and the world is buzzing with energy! You are the ultimate authority in how things play out. You’re ready to understand what role you play and how you’re being perceived as the sun meets your planetary ruler Mercury. The planet of action, Mars, moves into your house of communication and commuting, giving you a lot more edge when it comes to asserting your ideas—as if you needed it! Look out for quirky impulse buys as aesthetic Venus connects with rebellious Uranus: Is it a sustainable fashion choice? Your beliefs about what you’re supposed to be doing in your career are changing as the sun clashes with Neptune, giving you a new understanding on trends and how you fit into them.


Give yourself plenty of extra space to rest and hide away from the chaos of the world this week. While you’ll be ready to offer a helping hand to friends who need your assistance, make sure to give yourself enough time to recuperate and relax. The new moon eclipse falls in a very secret and private sector of your chart, asking that you take time to sleep in and turn off your phone whenever you need to. The sun and Mercury meet, giving you deeper insight into things about yourself that you haven’t really paid attention to before! It’s a psychological breakthrough, honey. Aggressive Mars leaves your sign and enters the next one, which will burn a hole in your pocket, so make sure you pace yourself with your spending!


Eclipses are important times for you, Leo, since your planetary ruler, the sun, is always involved! This new moon eclipse falls in your house of objectives and friendships, and you’re creating new connections in your social life that bring opportunities to reach your highest hopes and dreams. Try to find a way to share the spotlight with others so that you don’t feel overshadowed, but like a viable part of a community. Everyone plays a part. Action planet Mars enters your sign, bringing you more willpower and spunk. This is a time when you’re more assertive and even physically energetic. You’re tapping into some hidden charms that can make you stand out in a crowd as Venus connects with Uranus.


This is a fresh start in your career and public life, Virgo! The new moon eclipse falls in your house of public reputation, bringing a surge of fresh energy and opportunities. This is a time for you to observe how you are moving toward your goals. While Mercury retrograde offers you space to reassess how you’re going about doing your job, the sun’s meeting with Mercury brings important news. This will give you an objective understanding of the ways you have room for improvement. It’s only up from here! Action planet Mars enters a hidden part of your chart, which can make it feel like there’s something building beneath the surface. Finding positive outlets for your anger or aggression can help relieve some pressure and make things easier on yourself. The sun clashes with Neptune, finding you breaking through certain mysteries in your relationships.


The new moon eclipse in fellow air sign Gemini gives you a new understanding about foreign travel and higher learning. You’re back at ground zero when it comes to your beliefs, ready to start building up to new levels. New moons are very intuitive times, and new moon eclipses make things incredibly obvious! You’re ready to share important news or maybe something you’ve produced as the sun meets with Mercury, finding you making announcements. Action planet Mars enters your chart’s house of friendships and objectives, giving you extra charge to be social and hit your goals at the same time. Your planetary ruler, Venus, connects with quirky Uranus, encouraging you to make questionable if not rebellious fashion and relationship choices.


This year’s eclipses have brought a lot of energy to your financial world, and this week’s is very transformative, showing you things that are changing. Change is easier when you have faith in your relationships; take comfort in trust. Think about the people who’d buy you lunch if you lost your wallet, or the people who you would do the same for. Important news about a partner’s finances comes as the sun meets with Mercury. Your planetary ruler Mars enters a very prominent place in your chart, bringing you more influence and authority. You’re putting your name on things and making it known, and your stamina for dealing with the public is increased. As Venus connects with Uranus, you’re interested in giving your partners more personal space.


This year’s eclipses have been bringing significant events in you and your partners’ lives. This week’s in particular will offer up a fresh start in your relationships. You’re getting a better understanding of what other people need and how to be a better friend and partner. You are receiving important news about the person or people that you’re committed to as the sun meets messenger Mercury. Action planet Mars enters fellow fire sign Leo, bringing more energy to travel and break out of your bubble, which can also be done through learning and getting outside of your own head. The sun clashes with Neptune, finding you breaking out of old beliefs or delusions through the trusty help of your relationships.


Your health and work are getting a blast of energy as the new moon eclipse falls in your house of routine. This one brings you a totally fresh start and perspective on the things that you do for others every day. How do these things impact your health? Does working affect your lifestyle so that you are unwell? This is a time to begin habits that can bring you wellness. The sun meets messenger Mercury, an opportune time to share news about how you are feeling with your colleagues or doctor. Action planet Mars moves into your house of shared finances, and other people are excited to ask for what you owe them. Be sure you’re staying on top of your invoices.


The new moon eclipse in fellow air sign Gemini brings a whirlwind of energy to your social and creative life. This is a time when you can find new opportunities for people to date, creative projects to work on, or even close friendships to cater to. The sun meets with messenger Mercury and you’re getting a better understanding of your inner circle. This is also a time to get a fresh perspective on your art. Action planet Mars enters your house of partnerships and interpersonal commitments, and you’re getting to know what other people are demanding from you, and eager to be more forward in your relationships. Other people may also be a little more abrasive than usual.


This year’s eclipses have hit close to home! This week’s new moon eclipse takes you closer to your intuition and your past, as you find new opportunities in your home and family life. You’re understanding where you came from in a more mature and pragmatic way. The sun meets messenger Mercury and important information about your private life becomes apparent. Action planet Mars moves into your chart’s house of work and routine, giving you more strength and energy to put into your daily rituals. This is a time when you have the focus to get mundane things done, and the next few weeks will keep you steadily on task. The sun clashes with Neptune and you’re getting an active understanding of your beliefs and the way you choose to present to yourself.

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