Monthly Horoscope: Sagittarius, May 2022

Welcome to Taurus season, dear Sagittarius!
Taurus and Gemini
Robin Eisenberg

The sun in Taurus illuminates a busy sector of your chart, inspiring you to tackle your to-do list and get organized!

Astrologers often describe Taurus as a couch lounging, bonbon consuming aesthete, but there’s another side to Taurus that’s determined and hardworking, and this aspect of the bull shines for you this season, dear Sagittarius! This is a powerful time to kick a bad habit or rethink your wellness routine, ands to spend time in nature. 


The month opens with Venus in Pisces activating the home and family sector of your chart, creating a warm and affectionate atmosphere at home and inspiring you to beautify your space. Venus mingles with Pluto in Capricorn on May 1, which may find an exquisite gift coming your way or connect you with someone intriguing, or simply inspire you to indulge in sensual pleasure! Venus enters fellow fire sign Aries on May 2, activating the romance and creativity sector of your chart and boding well for artistic expression and your love life! A sweet celebration may be taking place.

Your ruling planet Jupiter, which is currently in Pisces, connects with Pluto in Capricorn on May 3, finding you accessing something especially valuable or rare. This could be an especially exciting time for you financially, as you may be acquiring wealth or security! A brilliant idea can lead to a fantastic upgrade on May 4 as Mars in Pisces connects with Uranus in Taurus, and on May 5, the sun meets Uranus, which may again find you coming up with a genius plan! You also find yourself free of an obligation, releasing yourself from an expectation, or creating an unexpected shift in your routine. It’s a powerful moment to switch up your habits. 

Mercury is in your opposite sign Gemini at the start of the month, illuminating the relationship sector of your chart, and on May 6, it connects with sweet Venus, inspiring a cheerful, playful atmosphere that’s fantastic for connecting with others. The sun connects with Mars on May 7, creating a productive, problem-solving atmosphere, and Mercury retrograde starts on May 10, finding you running into people from your past. You and your partners could be reorganizing your plans at this time, and old conversations might be revisited. Astrologers usually advise against making big purchases, signing contracts, or traveling due to the miscommunications and delays of Mercury retrograde, but this could be a fine time to re-visit things, pick up projects that were put on the back burner, clarify a position, change your mind, or revisit something or someone you want to connect with. While communication may slow, it’s also possible that lost messages may turn up again! Mercury retrograde is all about second chances.


Also on May 10, your ruling planet Jupiter enters fellow fire sign Aries, bringing a flurry of romance, celebration, and creative inspiration! Jupiter is the planet of opportunity, so you if you’re looking for love, hoping to deepen your bond with an established partner, wanting to create great work and show off your artistic talents, or simply looking to party, Jupiter in Aries is on your side! The energy is free-spirited, spontaneous, and expansive—just be careful not to over-indulge!

Jupiter in Aries inspires fun and celebration through October 28, 2022, but the atmosphere may be more serious on May 15 as the sun squares off with Saturn. An important conversation about boundaries, schedules, work, and logistics can take place. Helping things move along easily is the sun’s connection with Neptune in Pisces also on this day, encouraging you to connect with your inner voice, explore your spiritual practice, and create safe, sacred spaces for yourself at home.

The lunar eclipse in Scorpio takes place on May 16: Dramatic visions may take place in your dreams, and it’s a potent time to explore your psyche, especially if you’re in therapy. A significant release or letting go may take place at this time, and this eclipse can find you flushing away things that no longer serve you. Eclipses are emotional, and feelings that you haven’t had time to sit with (or that you’ve been avoiding) surface. Eclipses can also be exhausting, and this one in Scorpio calls you to rest, take a break from work, and reconnect with yourself. This is a powerful moment to engage in your spiritual practice, journaling, or meditation. Secrets may come to light or new information may emerge.


May 19 finds the sun connecting with Pluto, and you’re reenergized to tackle financial goals, making exciting deals, or simply feeling productive. Big ideas are shared on this day as Mercury retrograde connects with Jupiter, and this is a great time to brainstorm and network. That said, be careful not to over-extend yourself and watch out for exaggerations. The sun enters Gemini on May 20, brightly illuminating the relationship sector of your chart, and an important conversation or realization about partnership can take place as the sun meets Mercury retrograde on May 21.

Mars connects with Pluto on May 22, inspiring courage and transformation: You may be implementing an important change at home, in your finances, or concerning your sense of security and comfort. You might be ready to let something go, and this is a powerful time to cut ties with anything that no longer suits you. Also on May 22, Mercury retrograde reenters Taurus on May 22, and you’re rescheduling things, reorganizing your workspace, picking up a project that was previously set aside, or double checking, reediting, or redoing a task. Try not to overbook yourself; allow for plenty of flexibility! An uplifting energy arrives as the sun connects with Jupiter on May 23, and many exciting social invitations come your way. A sunny atmosphere arrives in your friendships and your love life, and people are feeling especially generous or open-hearted. 


Also on May 23, Mercury retrograde connects with Mars, finding you reconsidering plans and strategies: Mars likes to charge ahead, but remember that Mercury is retrograde, so don’t rush, dear Sagittarius! May 24 is a solid time to discuss the future as Venus connects with Saturn. Important discussions about money, home, family, and your values can take place. Also on this day, Mars enters Aries, revving up the romance and creativity sector of your chart and energizing you to express yourself artistically—and possibly heating up your love life! Mars in Aries can find you feeling quite spontaneous, and give you plenty of energy to party.

Mercury retrograde connects with Pluto on May 25, and you may be thinking back to plans and conversations that were discussed around April 28, especially ones concerning your money, schedule, or routine. A reorganization takes place. Privileged information may come your way. Intense conversations about money and how your time and energy is valued are had on May 27 as Venus squares off with Pluto. Difficult feelings might arise, and it may be helpful to enlist a third party to help mediate things. 

The energy shifts as Venus enters Taurus on May 28, bringing a grounded, sensual atmosphere. In your love life, you and your partners may be talking about your shared schedule. You might find yourself especially appreciative of the relationships you have with people who show how much they value the help you offer, and support you in return. Sagittarius is a famously generous sign, and Venus in Taurus may find you realizing how important it is to feel appreciated! Outside of your love life, Venus in Taurus can mean updating your closet, editing your beauty cabinet, or reflecting on your wellness routine. You might crave time in nature, or feel eager to decorate your office with flowers. Venus in Taurus can inspire you to surround yourself with beauty! 

Mars and Jupiter meet on May 29, starting an exciting and passionate new cycle in your love life and creative pursuits. A flood of inspiration rushes in, and you’re busy creating your next masterpiece! Your love life might be especially hot at this time, you could connect with someone thrilling, or find that the flame between you and an established partner is burning especially hot! A new cycle in your relationships—romantic and otherwise—begins on May 30 with the new moon in Gemini. Gemini is an intellectual air sign, and this new moon encourages us to be inquisitive: You can learn something new about your partners at this time, or could be connecting with new business or romantic partners, or friends, and exploring new perspectives.

Good luck this month, Sagittarius, and see you in June!