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Metallica's New MasterClass Will Teach Your Band to Shred

The metal gods will share their tips for rock success, from songwriting and riff-making to cultivating a deep relationship with a fanbase.
Metallica Is Launching a MasterClass
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You were in a shitty garage band when you were a kid, right? It wasn’t just us? Regardless, those high school pipe dreams might have become a reality had you known a few key players in the music industry. (And, you know, if you had actually been able to play an instrument.) Well, aspirational superstars, you’re in luck: James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Robert Trujilo, and Kirk Hammett—four dudes also known collectively as Metallica—are coming together to bring you their strategies for growing and staying together as a band in celebration of the group’s 40th anniversary this month. 


Metallica’s “Being a Band,” $15/month, at MasterClass

In their new MasterClass, the heavy metal gods—who have made it through four decades, a gazillion tours, albums, and hits, and a lot of therapy (please stream Some Kind of Monster ASAP if you haven't seen it)—will be sharing all the secrets to their stardom, from how to communicate effectively and manage criticism to navigating collaboration and acting together as a strong and resilient team, as well as breaking down some of their greatest hits, including “Enter Sandman,” because hell yeah, brother, that track still bangs. Metallica will also be teaching how to operate collaboratively, a principle which is central to their music-making. 

Widely regarded as one of the most successful bands of all time, they’ve sold over 120 million albums worldwide and generated more than 15 billion streams—which is, to say, quite a few more than you and your buddies did back in high school. But even if you're part of a chill indie outfit or a Soundcloud rap duo, these skills and tips aren’t specific to the genre; they translate to all styles of music—and there might be no one better to learn them from. 


The class, aptly named “Being a Band,” will feature key lessons including practical tips for songwriting, the importance of holding back a riff, how to cultivate a deep and lifelong relationship with a fanbase, and how to be a master of creative destiny. Basically, everything you need to know about making music professionally.

Now sign up (or gift the class to your favorite hesher/aspiring rock god), pour some whiskey in a jar, and shred on, people.  

“Being a Band” is available for $15/month on MasterClass

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