Weekly Horoscope: November 22 - 28

We're in Sagittarius season, looking to broader horizons.
November 21, 2021, 10:00pm
Robin Eisenberg

Things get funnier, jollier, as the planet of communication, Mercury, enters Sagittarius. We’re all thinking about being festive! Mercury in Sagittarius is bubbly, humorous, and charismatic, and discussions are energetic or perhaps a little lofty.

This is the first week of Sagittarius season. We’re looking to broader horizons as we close the astrologically eventful first half of the month! Mercury meets the sun at 11:39 PM on Sunday evening: Information is shared and ideas are coming to the surface. People are being honest, maybe even blunt.


All times ET.


The sun in fellow fire sign Sagittarius has you ready to get out and learn more. There’s a curious vibe to Sagittarius season, and you want to explore all of life’s mysteries, and then some! With Mercury, the planet of communication, entering your chart’s sector of education and travel, you will be in the right state of mind to learn more about things that spark your interest. This can be through institutions or a series of courses. Mercury meets with the sun, which may align with you sharing important information, making travel plans, or having spiritual revelations! There’s a sense of wanderlust in the air.


It’s good to surround yourself with people who are resourceful, not just monetarily, but energetically! Sagittarius season emphasizes your chart’s house of shared resources, which connects you to things that are shared. Generosity is key! Mercury enters Sagittarius, inspiring an abundance mindset. Jealousy or bitterness is not needed, because the more there is, the more that’s shared. Messenger Mercury meets the sun, bringing you important information about taxes and intimacy. This is a time to get to know what your partners need. You can have luck when it comes to asking for what you need, too.


After a period of getting into the groove of your work and routine, you can open the floor to others. Sagittarius season highlights your relationships: platonic, romantic, and antagonistic! This is a time when you can meet people eye-to-eye and evaluate what works best for you. Your planetary ruler Mercury moves into your partnerships sector, and there is a lot on your mind related to relationships. Conversations are invigorated and probably too generalized. The sun meets with messenger Mercury, helping you pinpoint where you and a partner are both at. They might have some exciting news for you!



After all of the fun and dancing of Scorpio season, it’s time to get a little organized. The party is over and we’ve got to go back to work and sweep the floors. During Sagittarius season, the sun highlights the sector of your chart that rules routines and chores. This is all in good spirits! You have the vitality to get your work completed before taking a winter break. The planet of communication, Mercury, enters Sagittarius, taking you to task. Your to-do lists are very ambitious! The sun meets with messenger Mercury, clarifying anything that has been debated in your work and health life.


This month was extremely eventful, but now it’s time to coast on everything that you put into play. The sun enters fellow fire sign Sagittarius, bringing fun and festive vibes. This is a time to connect with your friends, lovers, and creative energy! There is a lot of laughter in the air and an ease to self-expression. Mercury, the planet of communication, enters Sagittarius, which is great for being charming and social. Mercury meets the sun, which can bring important news about your dating life. This is a time for everyone to be playful, silly, and jolly, but you especially!


You’re making new starts in your home and family life: Sagittarius season puts the sun in your chart’s domestic sector, which can energize this area of your life. You’re focusing on how to feel secure, and to make a place that is restful and cozy. Your planetary ruler Mercury moves into your domestic sector, which can bring a lot of new conversations around your home. This is a time for planning, writing, and budgeting. Mercury meets with the sun, bringing important news about your living situation. This may also be a message to or from your parents.



The vibe is chatty and curious as the sun illuminates your chart’s house of communication! This can also be a time when you focus on the important women in your life, as this is a sector in your chart that ancient astrologers associated with Goddess. During Scorpio season you might have bought new books, but now it’s time to actually read them! With Mercury here as well, it’s a great time to upgrade your skills and get ambitious about your learning habits. The sun meets messenger Mercury, which can easily bring some important news into your inbox! There is a mental clarity in the atmosphere, and agreements are being worked through.


Finally some of the heat is off! The sun in your chart’s sector of personal resources has you thinking of all the things that you need in order to get by…not just money, but also time, food, water, etc. This is a time to make sure you have what you need in order to support yourself. The planet of communication, Mercury, enters a financial sector of your chart, which could be a good opportunity to make a plan for things that you want to have. These can be immaterial or spiritual goals, too. Mercury meets with the sun, bringing a moment of clarity and understanding to money matters.


You have energy and courage to face the day with the sun in your sign! It’s your time to shine, and your time to figure out how to fulfill your destiny. Your birthday is a great time to set your intentions for the rest of the year, and to be honest with yourself, dear Sagittarius. Mercury, the planet of communication, enters your sign, sharpening your mental faculties and simply making you smarter and funnier. It will be a lot easier to bring your galaxy-brained takes back down to earth! With the sun meeting Mercury, you’ll be sharing important news with others. This can be a better understanding of yourself, your title, or even your name.



This next month is a period when you can spend some time tying up loose ends. The month before your birthday is all about getting your ducks in a row before starting ringing in your personal new year. Alone time can be a positive thing! Meditation, mental wellness, and catching up on rest are all part of Sagittarius season for you, dear Capricorn. The planet of communication, Mercury, enters a sector of your chart associated with secrets and mysteries and as the sun meets Mercury, you might learn or share some secrets! There are things being revealed that not everyone can access.


Scorpio season was a lot of pressure—you were in high demand, and needed to step up to the plate! You’re still popular during Sagittarius season as the sun illuminates a very social sector of your chart, but it’s less work and more play. This is a time when you can pay attention to your objectives and intentions for the future. You’re more optimistic about your capacities, and can be more ambitious. Mercury, the planet of communication, enters your social sector, bringing fun invitations your way! Some interesting gossip or news about your community comes as the sun meets Mercury over the weekend.


You’re getting attention for all of your achievements, dear Pisces! The sun lights up your fame and public reputation sector all of Sagittarius season: This can bring new ambitions into the picture, or have you entering a position of authority. Messenger Mercury enters Sagittarius, beginning a new chapter relating to how you label yourself in the public eye. This could be a moment of creating a more appropriate title for the wide breadth of what you do. Mercury meets the sun, bringing important news about your career. Maybe an authority figure reaches out to get some answers!

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