Reality Star Sells Fart Jar NFTs After Flatulence Hospitalizes Her

Stephanie Matto's fart jar NFTs are 0.05 ETH, or about $200 each.
​Image via Stephanie Matto on Instagram
Image via Stephanie Matto on Instagram

Stephanie Matto, a former 90 Day Fiance contestant and adult content creator, has had a whirlwind few weeks. 

After a heart attack scare (really, gas problems due to her fart-inducing diet) and the urging of doctors, she’s been forced to step back from her business of selling custom farts in jars. Undeterred, she’s pivoting to selling them as NFTs—digital art on the blockchain—instead.


Matto has been on the fart jar grind for a while, based on her social media posts. “I like to get things rolling with some beans, a protein muffin, sometimes a yogurt... some hard boiled eggs... While I wait for those farts to develop I like to read,” she said in a “day in the life” video on Instagram in November. At the time, she was selling fart jars (plus flower petals and a hand-written note) for $1,000, on sale for 50 percent off. She also thanks the 97 people who’d already bought fart jars at that point. 

In a YouTube video posted last month, she claimed to have made $100,000 from her flatulence business. “I feel like I’m the Einstein of fart jars at this point,” she says.  

Farting as a fetish has been around forever—everyone’s heard of James Joyce’s love of his wife Nora’s “big fat fellows, long windy ones, quick little merry cracks” from his 1909 love letter to her—and has only gained steam in recent years, with the rise of the content creator economy. Anything you can package or bottle and put in the mail is fair game for fetish performers, including the classic worn panties, but also pussy-scented face masks or, of course, gamer girl bath water


Some fart porn creators fake their performances with sound effects, pre-recorded farts, or air-enemas, so they don’t have to eat endless hard boiled eggs to keep up with the demands of customers. Matto, apparently, was doing this the hard way, curating each gas-inducing meal to produce a custom bouquet for every customer and turning her body into a high-volume fart factory.  That’s good customer service for sure, but it’s also a quick way to misery; as demand for the jars increased, she said on YouTube, it started getting harder to get those farts out the door, which is how she ended up in the hospital with chest pains.

“I could tell that something was not right that evening when I was lying in bed and I could feel a pressure in my stomach moving upward. It was quite hard to breathe, and every time I tried to breathe in, I’d feel a pinching sensation around my heart,” Matto told UK news outlet Jam Press. Nothing was wrong with her heart, doctors told her, but the high-bean and protein shake diet was to blame; they advised that she take a gas suppressant medication and lay off the boiled eggs, which she said “effectively ended my business.” 

Now, her fart jars are available in JPEG form tied to a blockchain receipt, for 0.05 ETH, or about $200, each. “Imagine the smell!” the website says. “These NFTs are just as beautiful, unique, and rare as my actual poots! You can practically smell how delightful they are through the screen. Just use your imagination!” The first run includes 5,000 NFTs, which means Matto could net $1 million if they all sell out. 

She hasn’t completely abandoned the gassy life, either: 100 tokens will be redeemable for a real fart jar, according to the site. 70 NFTs will get you panties worn by Matto, 30 will get you used lingerie, and 10 NFTs are redeemable for jars that she has queefed in. NFT holders can also access perks like a private Discord channel or meeting Matto over Zoom. 

The project has a public Discord that has already gained 3,000 members. Refreshingly, it doesn’t promise a future video game or “metaverse” like many NFT projects. “The FART JAR project has no roadmap,” the website states. “The tokens have clear and obvious utility, if you have a rare 'redeemable trait' the token can be burned for real life collectibles and the utility for the token will be access to a private discord channel with reality TV star and internet sensation Stephanie Matto.”

She’s not the first to lay a fart on the blockchain: In March, Brooklyn-based film director Alex Ramírez-Mallis and four of his friends listed a year worth of their recorded farts as NFTs. Everyone and their mom has gotten on the NFT hype train in recent months, including Quentin Tarantino, Yanni, and Crazy Frog, but people in the adult industry have found success with NFTs as an alternative to traditional payment processors and platforms. The ownership and option for earning royalties when their art sells is one perk; a backlog of financial cushion if they get sick—or eat way, way too many beans—and have to take a break from making content is another.

It’s worth noting that Mattos’ fart jar NFTs are running on Ethereum, which means it’s going to cost buyers a lot of gas.