The Harvest Moon: September’s Full Moon in Aries

Libra season finds us weighing our options, but an Aries full moon could find us ready to make a choice.
collage of the moon and corn representing the harvest moon in aries

Full moons take place when the sun and moon sit opposite each other in the sky, and the Harvest moon is the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox. This year’s Harvest moon takes place on September 29, 2023 as the sun moves through diplomatic Libra and the moon in fiery Aries.

What Is the Harvest Moon?

The Harvest moon is the full moon that takes place closest to the autumn equinox, according to the Farmers’ Almanac. The name is self explanatory: It’s a time for harvest! But what does this tell us symbolically? Full moons are generally periods of culmination and release, and the full moon during this time of year can inspire us to consider the last few months and reflect on the past spring and summer as we head into fall and winter.

What Does the Full Moon in Aries Represent?

As the sun moves through Libra, the sign of the scales, there’s plenty of weighing, deliberating, and discussing. During Libra season, we do not make decisions lightly; it is crucial to be fair and just. The full moon in Aries (which can only take place during Libra season) comes along during this period of deep consideration, helping us make a decision and slam the gavel. Aries energy is all about courage and action, and the opposition between the moon in fiery Aries and the sun in considerate Libra calls us to make a choice that aligns with our integrity, values, and purpose. 

The sun in Libra loves to be polite and approaches things delicately. Libras are typically popular, and that’s not by chance: Libra is a friendly air sign that cares about peace in their social life. The full moon in Aries can find us confronting an issue head-on (Aries does rule the head), and though this confrontational energy isn’t Libra’s typical style, this full moon can spur dynamic change, and with Libra’s talent for diplomacy, incredible compromises can take place!


What’s Special About This Year’s Full Moon in Aries?

Mercury, the planet of communication, clears its post-retrograde shadow period in Virgo on September 30, the day after the full moon, which means this could be a clarifying full moon to ask any questions that are still lingering regarding situations or conversations that took place during Mercury retrograde, from its start on August 23 to the end on September 15.

Mercury in Virgo is trine Uranus, the planet of revolution, and philosophical Jupiter in Taurus, so genius ideas are flowing with little effort! Breakthroughs and inventions can happen now, especially since the full moon is in Aries, a groundbreaking, avant-garde, and revolutionary sign. We could find the courage to do something radically unexpected and experimental. 

The Aries trait of independence will show up more this full moon, as Venus sextiles Mars in Virgo and squares off with Uranus. Venus in a positive aspect with Mars helps to soften the edge of assertiveness, but full radical independence will be something we chase after with Uranus in the mix. We may receive support as we pursue something risky. Unexpected romance could arise. We may find ourselves feeling attracted to something that had never interested us before.

This full moon could also spell a complete overhaul as Mars, the planetary ruler of Aries, approaches a square to Pluto in Capricorn, intensifying people’s need to assert themselves and emboldening us to make big changes that typically could feel too big to take on. With Mars in Libra, we’re well aware of the rules, but with Pluto in the mix, we may feel justified to break them if we feel pushed into survival mode. This is an interesting juxtaposition to the themes of harmony and justice during Libra season, and finding a balance between doing the right thing and pushing boundaries may be a theme at this time.

Aries is the sign of the hero and individual, but as always, the greater narrative of humanity as a whole plays into the current astrology! Generational planets are getting closer in aspect, which signifies historical forces at play. Uranus is sextile spiritual Neptune and trine Pluto, while Neptune is sextile Pluto, signifying an effortless paradigm shift. Power structures are unraveling and dissolving, with reinvented versions of traditional beliefs taking their place. Amidst this change, the full moon in Aries encourages us to let go of situations that are unbalanced or unfair, and to be brave enough to try something new.

This article was updated for clarity. It was originally published in September 2022.