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The Harvest Moon: September’s Full Moon in Pisces

Emotions are explored during the Full Harvest Moon in Pisces.
Collage by Cathryn Virginia | Photos by the European Southern Observatory, Anjelika Gretskaia and Narvikk via Getty Images

Full moons take place when the sun and moon sit opposite each other in the sky, and the Harvest moon is the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox. This year’s Harvest moon takes place on September 10 as the sun moves through analytical earth sign Virgo and the moon in dreamy water sign Pisces. 

What Is the Harvest Moon?

The Harvest moon is the full moon that takes place closest to the autumn equinox, according to the Farmers’ Almanac. The name is self explanatory: It’s a time for harvest! But what does this tell us symbolically? Full moons are generally periods of culmination and release, and the full moon during this time of year can inspire us to consider the last few months and reflect on the past spring and summer as we head into fall and winter.

What Does the Full Moon in Pisces Represent?


A full moon in Pisces can only take place during Virgo season: Virgo is famously detail-oriented, analytical, and down-to-earth, so a full moon in its opposite sign Pisces creates a whimsical and creative atmosphere. If Virgo symbolizes a healer tending to their garden, weeding and maintaining plants, measuring and labeling herbs, Pisces symbolizes the creativity of the healer to invent and concoct, to transform these materials into something that heals and transforms. We may have been doing some accounting, organizing, and tending during Virgo season and during the Pisces full moon, a transformation takes place regarding that work.

Virgo is also famously logical, while Pisces is known for its intuition and emotionality. During Virgo season, we might have been approaching subjects from a cerebral perspective, working through things rationally with a focus on clear communication. During the full moon in Pisces, emotions begin to flow, and we’re more focused on what we feel rather than what we think. This full moon can be a powerful time to express your feelings and emotionally connect with others. 

What’s Special About This Year’s Full Moon in Pisces?

This full moon separates from a square to Mars in Gemini, which may find us on the heels of impulsive decision making or recovering from a short temper. Full moons in Pisces can be quite emotional, and anger is just as valid an emotion as any other. With Mars retrograde coming up on October 30, this full moon could be a great moment to sit with, express, and honor your emotions in healthy and productive ways. Full moons symbolize release, so repressing your feelings works against the energy! Virgo can compartmentalize things, while Pisces can be all over the place: Where is the middle ground for you, emotionally speaking?

The sun and moon approach a trine and sextile, respectively, to Uranus in Taurus. Trines and sextiles are harmonious planetary aspects, suggesting a helpful, supportive atmosphere. Uranus is the planet of unpredictability and surprise, so this full moon in a helpful aspect with the planet of chaos suggests ingenuity, experimentation, and emotional liberation. Uranus does not want to be tied down, and neither does Neptune, which sits with the moon and opposes the sun during this full moon. Neptune is the planet of limitlessness, but it’s also the planet of fantasy, and as the sun approaches its opposition to Neptune, we may become aware of ways we’ve been living in a dreamworld. The moon’s meeting with Neptune in Pisces inspires creativity and encourages us to connect with our intuitions, though may feel particularly sensitive and sentimental at this time.

Full moons are symbolic of release, but change can be hard! The sun trines Pluto in Capricorn, which can find us ready to take on change—you may even feel like we’re thriving in transformation. The sun trines and the moon sextiles the North Node in Taurus, inspiring a sense of good timing, and Mercury retrograde in Libra trines Mars, pushing conversations along swiftly. Just be careful of exaggerations or double booking your schedule as Mercury opposes Jupiter in Aries. The mood is especially flirtatious, and a bit competitive as Venus in Virgo squares off with Mars in Gemini. Uranus and the North Node are together in Taurus, which can find us feeling like it’s the right time for a big change or experimentation, and Saturn in Aquarius is within orb of a square to Uranus and the North Node, which could mean renegotiating boundaries and expectations that were set long ago. Neptune separates from its sextile with Pluto, boding well for transformation and change—not just individually, but collectively, culturally.

Virgo season can mark a busy time of year, so an important thing about the full moon in Pisces is taking space to rest! Striking a balance between work and relaxation is a highlighted theme for all of us at this moment. However this full moon works out for you, use this opportunity to appreciate the people in your life who help and support you. What Virgo and Pisces both have in common is their desire to be of service to others, so consciously recognize and appreciate that quality in yourself and others!