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New Trump Ad Begs You to Call Him and Say 'Thank You, President Trump!'

Or you could, you know, leave him a different kind of message.
December 18, 2018, 5:30pm
Trump on the phone
Photo by Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images

There's a scene in the Peter Pan musical, right towards the end, when Peter's fairy sidekick, Tinkerbell, drinks some poison and almost dies. The only way for Peter to bring her back to life is by breaking the fourth wall and rallying the audience to clap for her. It's unclear how, exactly, clapping helps mitigate the the effects of toxins in her fairy bloodstream, but whatever. Somehow, the sound of applause gives Tinkerbell the strength to fight another day.


Apparently, Trump's 2020 campaign manager feels like the president works the same way.

The first ad for Trump's reelection campaign dropped Monday, and the whole thing is an urgent plea for supporters to call up Trump and shower him with love and praise—namely, to tell him "thank you, President Trump!"

“President Trump has achieved more during his time in office than any president in history," Trump's campaign manager Brad Parscale says in the batshit ad, which journalist Yashar Ali filmed when it reportedly aired on CNN Monday night.

"We need to let President Trump know that we appreciate what he’s doing for America," Parscale begs viewers in the clip. "I need you to call the number on your screen and deliver a thank you to President Trump."

According to the Washington Post, callers who actually dial the number are given a chance to leave Trump a brief message, which he will presumably listen to when he isn't spending hours in front of the TV obsessively watching coverage of the Mueller investigation. After they're done, a recording of Parscale comes on to pester callers for campaign donations. "President Trump is under vicious, daily attacks from the fake news media and far-left Democrats who want to implement the radical socialist agenda," Parscale says. "They will stop at nothing to overturn the election and remove your president from office."

The number, for everyone who's wondering, is 1-800-684-3043, in case you want to pull a Peter Pan and shower the Donald with some kind words—or you could, you know, leave him a different sort of message. The choice is yours.

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