Medical Cart Runs Over Foot of Already-Injured Player

The medical cart came over to help U-20 Trindade AC player Bernardo with one injury and ended up giving him another one entirely.
January 9, 2019, 9:30pm
An unrelated image of a Brazilian ambulance provided by the Health Ministry of Brazil.
Unrelated photo via Wikimedia Commons/Health Ministry of Brazil

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions—and apparently allows golf carts on it. During Sunday's second round game of the São Paulo Junior Football Cup, between the U-20 squads of Brazilian clubs Trindade AC and Flamengo, Trindade player Bernardo went down with an injury. But regardless of whether or not the man took a dive, his next injury would pretty unmistakable.

The (good-intentioned) medical staff came over in a golf cart to help Bernardo, trying to mend his injured foot. But they cut things a bit too close as they were rolling up and ended up running over the poor man's foot:

Before we all feel bad about laughing at the Keystone Kops of medical teams, Globo Esporte reports that Bernardo was eventually back on the pitch, so he's alright. We can laugh.

And it's not just us laughing, commentator and cart driver alike gave a laugh at the man, who was writhing in pain before they even drove over his foot. Once they added insult and further injury to pre-existing injury, they took him off the field with his head in his hands—a half measure to say, "I'm in a lot of pain," and another half to say "fuck this shit, I'm outta here." Poor guy.

h/t Deadspin