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City Girls and Cardi B's New Video Is the Epitome of a Twerk Fest

The "Twerk" visual will have you wishing you were "flewed out" too.
Queens, US
City Girls, Cardi B
"Twerk" Video

Last November, Yung Miami of City Girls had no idea a candid video announcing a dance contest would turn into a viral moment. "Hey y'all, what's up. The City Girls Twerk 25K Challenge is real," she began. "The top 20 winners will get flewed out." The term flewed out caught most people off guard, along with the fact that Quality Control was putting some serious dollars behind a twerk contest for the Miami duo's latest single, "Twerk." The rules were simple: submit a video of your best twerk (which was to be assessed by the head honchos of Quality Control, no pressure) and the best 20 contenders compete in Miami on the set of the video. The winner takes home $25,000. Two months later, the footage is for the video and contest is finally here and "Twerk" is bringing back all of Miami's Spring Break glory.


When Yung Miami visited the Noisey office in late November she looked isolated. However JT, who turned herself to federal prison in June, is here in spirit with a portrait of her face airbrushed on Miami’s bedazzled denim jacket. It’s the same jacket from the “In My Feelings” video, with the words “Free JT” scribbled in the corner. It's clear that in the five months since JT’s incarceration, Yung Miami has been handling these moments, both surreal and overwhelming, on her own. "When she [JT] went to jail I was scared. When it comes to City Girls people love to say I’m not the rapper," Miami says. "They love to bash me. I didn’t know how people were going to react to it only being me."

On the way to our interview, she found out a Cardi B verse was cleared for their new single “Twerk,” a shock to any of the fans who didn't notice her name on the original tracklist. “I almost just cried in the car,” she says, recalling the moment. “Tears of joy."

The promotion for "Twerk" required, well… twerking, but when Yung Miami uploaded her own attempt at a shot for the money, she was shot down in the comments by people who said she should consider herself a role model. "I’m not trying to be a role model. I just want to be myself," she says. "If you go down on my page, nothing’s changed about me. I’ve been twerking on the internet. A lot of people texted me like, 'Wow, you really just be yourself.'

When I pry about the twerk contest, she corrects me after I ask what happens after the girls are flown out. "You supposed to say 'flewed,'" she says in the first laugh of brief conversation. "[…]the whole “flewed out” situation, I wasn’t saying “flewed,” I said “flew.” I would never say “flown.” Me and my friends don’t talk like that," she says. "I have a video of me saying it the right way on my page and when I posted that one people were wrong I corrected it. What am I supposed to do? Change the way I talk or something? I’m never going to do that."

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