Do You Like This Plant? Your Answer Determines Your Sex Life

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May 31, 2017, 5:27pm
Photo via Wikimedia Commons

This is called pampas grass: Wikimedia Commons

Do you like it? Wikimedia Commons

Does it evoke any certain, sensual feelings within you?

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Just asking. Photo via Flickr

Is this plant good? Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Would you trust this plant around your boyfriend/girlfriend? Photo via Flickr

Do you only like this plant when you're drunk? Photo via Flickr

So do you like this plant?

If you answered yes to any of the above, congratulations: You're a swinger. Pampas grass is no innocent garden fixture—it's a secret signal in the swinger community. Apparently, if you plant it outside your house, your open-minded neighbors will flock to you. Because of this association, no one likes this plant, according to the Telegraph. "Many nurseries have stopped stocking it entirely, and even large suppliers have seen numbers plummet, as buyers shun the plant for fear of what it means," the publication reports. The only people who like this plant are swingers, who use it as a way to discern other swingers. Can you like this plant without being a swinger? Of course. But somewhere, deep down, you probably would enjoy seeking out couples to swap partners with every once in a while. Just consider it.