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You Can't Stand Still to Jammz's "Come to the Dance"

"Come to the Dance" was produced by a trio of UK producers: Tarquin, TSVI, and Luru.

East London MC Jammz today shared a rattling new grime/funky hybrid in collaboration with UK producers Tarquin, TSVI, and Luru. Their message on "Come to the Dance" is simple—don't bother going to a rave if you're just gonna stand there—but their approach is skillful, utilizing total directness to create a sense of uncontainable energy. The music video leads by example, showing Jammz in his element, spitting bars to a lively crowd.


The record marks Jammz's first collaboration with the Nervous Horizon camp, of which TSVI is a co-founder and Luru is an affiliate. "Come to the Dance" will be released on the label's forthcoming NH V/A VOL.2 compilation, which also features contributions from Hyperdub signee Ikonika and Gobstopper affiliate Loom.

The compilation will be released on July 21, and is available for pre-order.

NH V/A VOL.2 tracklist:

1. TSVI & Wallwork – Paradise 660
2. Lokane – Body Double VIP
3. Wallwork – Final Fantasy
4. Ikonika – Shovel
5. Luru – Lazer
6. Tarquin, TSVI & Luru ft. Jammz – Come To The Dance
7. DJ Missdevana – Come Back 2017
8. TSVI, Loom & Luru – Black Magic Ocarina
9. Wallwork – Havoc
10. Lloyd SB – Beat046

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