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The Time Die Antwoord's Ninja Played Basketball With Kanye West and Drake

Ninja told the story—that also involved Kim Kardashian, Travis Scott, and banana pudding—to VICELAND's 'Party Legends.'

There isn't enough space or time here, in this blog post, to recount the bizarre story that Die Antwoord's Ninja told VICELAND for the latest series of Party Legends. It opens with a FaceTime that Ninja received from Paris Hilton at 2 AM, moves to Kanye's mansion for an awkward conversation between Yeezy and the South African artist, jumps back in time to an awkward beef between Drake and Die Antwoord, and settles at a pickup basketball game at Drake's place involving, Drake, Kanye, and Ninja himself. If that sounds insane, I promise you that I've watched this video twice and that all of that happens. In six minutes. Before Ninja starts reminiscing about a banana pudding that Kim Kardashian left in the fridge for Kanye, Ninja, and Travis Scott.


But, if it could be boiled down to one quote—and it absolutely cannot—it would be this:

The only thing I regret in life is that I didn't practice basketball more. It would have just been really beautiful if I could have just gone up once and slam dunked and as Drake came up against me, my pants would have fell a bit too low. And as I slammed, I would have just teabagged him. But that didn't happen.

Ninja is a brilliant storyteller—he's excitable, involved enough to remember it clearly, but detached enough to realize that the whole thing is truly odd. Watch the video in full at the top of the page.

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