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These Hyperrealistic Paintings Look Like Stunning Photographs

These sun-drenched scenes are so detailed, you'll be shocked to learn that they are illustrations.
All images courtesy the artist

Without careful discernment and a little bit of patience, these dramatically realistic paintings may very well be mistaken for the real thing. Bearing an uncanny likeness to photographs, Anna Roberts ebullient still lifes of ripe fruit and sun-drenched lifestyle scenes are so detailed a viewer may be shocked to learn that they are illustrations. Roberts, a native of Yorkshire, UK, recently made the transition to concentrating full-time on painting versus illustrating on the side to her full-time profession as a commercial artist.


Stringing the pattern throughout her works, Roberts' illustrations are flush with bright, white light, which in turn, amps up the realism factor within her works. Roberts demonstrates a love for simplicity in her art, choosing to focus on categories of life that inspire her—travel, architecture, food—and then imparting a graphic composition and then blanching them with a trademark starkness.

Roberts, a native of Yorkshire, UK, describes a swift process of creation to help her achieve the most realistic effect. She says, "I try to work fairly quickly so that although my work is super realistic, it stays spontaneous and fresh. I use super soft pastels that I mix and apply like paint, on smooth heavy cotton paper that is handmade."

See more artwork from Anna Robert on her website, here, and her Instagram, here.


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