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A$AP Mob's "Wrong" Video Is a Regally-Shot Classical History Lesson

Is there an A$AP Augustus? A$AP Constantine?

Contrary to whatever was drilled into your head by your dumb friends in school, history is dope. You'll learn about words like "phalanx" and "defenestration," and also about how humanity has always decided upon things by slaughtering itself. A$APs Rocky and Ferg are learned men, studied in the ways of the world, so naturally they chose to set their video for new A$AP Mob track "Wrong" in an old classical (or neo-classical) hall or tomb of sorts.


Looking for all the world like some Ben-Hur shit, the two A$AP lords spend the video hanging around models in robes while not wearing robes themselves (fur coats could be considered the modern equivalent of togas). It's all very wavy and fitting with A$AP Mob's brand of luxury and vaguely gothic iconography, especially seeing as how Ferg here looks as though he's ascended to the hood papacy. I guarantee at least 65% of you will have no earthly clue what these paragraphs are going on about, so watch the "Wrong" video above.

Phil watched a History Channel special or two once. He's on Twitter.