Westbrook Thought LeBron Picked Him Last for ASG, So He Torched the Wizards

Westbrook saw the list of picks but it was alphabetical, so he was the last name, right behind his opponent last night, John Wall.
January 26, 2018, 3:42pm
Photo by Bob Donnan—USA TODAY Sports

The big to do going into the All-Star Game was the NBA's decision not to televise the selection process, fearing some would face embarrassment for the order in which they were picked. So, when the lists came out for the picks from team captains LeBron James and Steph Curry, everyone naturally tried to figure out who was picked when. But most lists made available to the public, and players were listed alphabetically.

Maybe everyone picked up on it, but one person didn't: Russell Westbrook. Upon learning that he was apparently last picked, the OKC star—who turned being spurned by Kevin Durant into an MVP season wherein he averaged a triple-double—proceeded to annihilate the Washington Wizards and John Wall, who was seemingly picked right before him, and Bradley Beal, who must have been picked well before him. Westbrook scored 46 points—a season high—in a show-stopping performance, replete with insane dunks and a variety of mean mugs.

After the game, we all learned why Westbrook was so salty (with Melo chiming in):

Yup, alphabetical. The list was alphabetical.

Meanwhile, Westbrook's former teammate also had some speculation about when he was picked:

KD was under the impression that he was first—and the NBA Finals MVP was probably right. But he used the moment to clown on himself a little bit, playing off of the "my next chapter" meme, typically used to roast his ass.

He also decided to make a joke about it after eviscerating the Timberwolves last night, which harkens back to the 2007 draft, when he was picked second (by the Seattle Supersonics):

This was by no means lost on the Portland Trail Blazers, who had the option to pick him up in 2007, but clearly dropped the ball:

But going back to Westbrook: the only one thing he really should be pissed about is that LeBron didn't even spell his name correctly.

Maybe "Westbrook" wasn't even picked at all.