A New Trailer for Kanye West and Dame Dash's Film 'Honor Up' Is Here

And so is a picture of Kanye looking very happy :)
Photo via screenshot

Do you like Kanye West? Do you like Dame Dash? Do you like Cam'Ron? Do you like films set in Harlem? Do you like the sound of ridiculously loud gun shots? Do you like white vests? Do you like balaclavas? Do you like huge title cards? Do you like baseball caps? Do you like aerial shots of cars on city streets? Well buckle the hell in soldier because this is a ride that will get your blood pumping faster than the water dropping off Niagara Falls.


What are we talking about here? As you've ascertained using your literacy skills it's a new trailer for Honor Up, directed by (and obviously starring Damon Dash) and executive produced by Kanye. Initially the movie was boiling over in a big ol' pot of controversy after Stacey Dash—who is in the film—tweeted the following late last year:

But hey: looks as if it's all over now. And if it's not, well then I guess hello there to a massive lawsuit heading in Dame Dash's direction. Either way: trailer, below, watch, look it all over…

And, as promised in our sub-headline, here are the goodies:

Look at that cheese.

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