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Nothing to See Here, Just a Florida Man Driving a Motorcycle with His Bare Feet

Is he even awake? Who knows!
Drew Schwartz
Brooklyn, US
Screengrab via Rashand Glespen / Facebook

Hey, so we know things are pretty crazy right now—what feels like eight months worth of news has somehow crammed itself into the space of the last 24 hours—and we get that you're probably pretty busy trying to keep tabs on it all. But have you seen this guy driving a motorcycle with his bare feet?

Someone spotted the dude zipping down the interstate near Jacksonville, Florida, on Saturday going about 60 MPH, according to the Miami Herald—no shoes, no shirt, and seemingly not a care in the world. If you look closely, you can see that neither of his feet are even on the throttle, he's just zooming somehow, keeping his chopper pointed straight ahead with nothing more than a few slight shifts of his weight. He's like a modern-day Huck Finn—hands crossed comfortably in his lap, bandanaed head titled casually to the sun, shorts flapping gaily in the wind—only his boat is a Harley Davidson, and the thing is flying.


“He looked completely stable on the bike—like he’d done it a million times—not a care in the world," the driver who took the video told CBS Miami. "He seemed very confident in his ability.”

Sure, this might not be the wildest thing to ever happen on a Florida highway, but boy, is it something. He's hovering a few inches away from death, but by the looks of him—no tension in the muscles, no tightness in the face, languishing in a pose like a man tanning on the beach—you'd never know it. Is he even awake? Who knows!

Is this man's shirtless, shoeless, feet-driving stunt pretty dangerous and stupid? Yep. But maybe he has something to teach us. Maybe even when we're barreling toward near-certain death, destruction, and disaster, we can still try to lay back, take it all in, and just enjoy the ride.

OK, you can go back to your corrupt politicians and engaged celebrities and airplane horrors and Trump cohorts who are also convicted criminals now.

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