Why MoviePass Keeps Changing Its Business Model

The financially strapped company has been updating its terms of service regularly over the past six months.
Image: Kaleigh Rogers

When MoviePass was introduced to the world, the subscription service seemed almost too good to be true: unlimited movies, in theaters, for around $10 a month. Turns out, it was too good to be true. This summer, the company announced that it has been struggling to make ends meet, and customers have suffered the consequences.

In just the past six months, MoviePass has tried to pinch pennies by removing refund guarantees, initiating surge pricing, raising its monthly fee to around $15, and eliminating major box office hits for their first two-week run. Then on Monday the company announced that users can now only see three movies a month, compared to the one-per-day original offer. Its new tactics might help stave off bankruptcy, but they also make the service look a lot less tempting.

Motherboard reporter Kaleigh Rogers reviewed the fine print to show how MoviePass has tried to save itself this year.

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