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Extremists Fight in Calais: Britain's Border War (Dispatch 2)

VICE News visits Calais, where nearly 1,000 migrants are living in camps and trying to make their way to Britain.

In Calais, France, there are reportedly more than 1,000 migrants and refugees living in squats and makeshift camps around the city. The vast majority of them are trying to make their way to Britain. Their existence in Calais has become so desperate that approximately 80 migrants recently stormed the major port there, attempting to stowaway on a ferry to Britain.The following weekend, with an underlying anger toward the migrants, many locals attended a protest organized by a far-right group called Sauvons Calais.


VICE News was at the demonstration, which featured neo-Nazi affiliated speakers, talk of extermination, and even a Nazi salute. We also went to a new migrant camp set up in an old recycling yard, where many people flocked to after police destroyed other camps in July. While the site has become a main source of anger for the far-right, its residents are hoping for a brighter future.

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