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Holding the Line for Another DNR Assault: Ukraine's Failed Ceasefire (Part 2)

VICE News traveled across the de facto Ukrainian border to visit a number of Ukrainian positions near the Donetsk international airport, which was seized by pro-Russia separatists in January.

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After seeing the realities of the "ceasefire" in eastern Ukraine from the perspective of so-called Donetsk People's Republic (DNR) separatists, VICE News traveled across the defacto border to visit a number of Ukrainian positions near Donetsk international airport. The site was finally seized by DNR fighters in January after months of heavy fighting.

Along this stretch of the frontline, to the northwest of Donetsk, fighting has been almost continuous throughout two ceasefire agreements, whole villages lie in ruins, and few civilians dare to stay.

With its heavy industry and proximity to other major population centers in the Donetsk region, this area has long been speculated as a possible location for another DNR thrust. Yet so far the Ukrainian soldiers are holding the line.

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