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We met 27 people who claim to be the rulers of their own countries

Molossia. Slobovia. The Aerican Empire. If you don’t remember any of these countries from geography class, you’re not alone. They are all “micronations,” self-declared sovereign states not formally recognized by any official authority (other than each other). This summer, representatives from 27 of these would-be fiefdoms gathered for a summit in Dunwoody, Georgia. While several of these micronations claim that they are their own autonomous countries, many are created as a political protest, for artistic reasons or as a social experiment.


MicroCon 2017 was hosted by Veronica Boritz, who also identifies as Queen Anastasia von Elphberg of Ruritania. The event, which lasted four days, included multiple outings for the micronational leaders, a symposium with speeches on subjects like “Micronational post system” and “Women in micronations: Starting your own or supporting your dictator husband.”

This segment originally aired August 2, 2017, on VICE News Tonight on HBO.