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This Christmas Give The Gift of Love (And Follow Liam Gallagher)

He's donated his tones to the tale of "The Very Hot Snowman"—an important message about climate change and how the "world is too hot."
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Big LG is full of surprises – I would, for example, never have had him pegged for an environmentalist, but here he is, narrating an advert about climate change being bad. Liam, like ogres and onions, has layers. You can see the ad, made for climate action group The Climate Coalition, above.

What's particularly good about this is that if Noel had done it before him he would absolutely have ripped the living piss out of him (I can see the tweet before me now and it goes something like: 'bloody hippie u been smoking wacky backy our kid?? As you were LG x'). But on this occasion, Liam's backing the cause, narrating the touching tale of "The Very Hot Snowman," a warning about global warming in the form of a children's story.

And yeah, while it is extremely funny to hear Manchester's most beloved wideboy adopt a sincere storytelling intonation (he opens, "It's win-ah, and it's cold this time a year, isn't it?" with all the grace of a trolley dash), it's nice to see him topping off what might well be the best year of his later career with a moment to give something back on behalf of a cause that most of us don't think enough about. Fair play.

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