We Asked People to Sum Up Their First Celebrity Crush in Six Words
Illustrations by Brandon Celi

We Asked People to Sum Up Their First Celebrity Crush in Six Words

"Punk Nicolas Cage in 'Valley Girl.'"
November 15, 2017, 3:55pm

First celebrity crushes are no joke. It’s such a powerful moment when your pre-teen hormones are kicked into high gear. Whoever it was, and whatever it was about them––Han Solo’s cocksure swagger, Kelly Kapowski’s posi vibes––they take up residence in your mind and never completely move out. We asked friends and co-workers about the first famous person they crushed on. Here’s what they said.

“Kirk Cameron. I know. Shut up.” - Jenn, 39


Beauty and the Beast’s animated piccolo.” - Allie, 25

“Jake Lloyd as Lil Darth Vader.” - Jaime, 27

"Young Anakin Skywalker because bowl cut." - Katie, 25

“Punk Nick Cage in Valley Girl.” - Tracy, 45

“Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz. Sorry.” - Louise, 23

“Gunnar Nelson. Loved that horse-ish hair.” - Courtney, 39

"Lil Romeo. Always and forever, babe." - Eve, 24

“Donnie Wahlberg. All the right stuff.” - Kate, 33

"Second grade, Antonio Bandares as Zorro." - Lia, 27

“Elijah Wood as Huck Finn. So dreamy.” - Jaime, 32

"Dragon Ball Z's Trunks. Anime #bae." - Janae, 23

"Nick Carter, before I discovered Aaron." - Lauren, 25

“Willie Aames from Charles In Charge.” - Emily, 34

“Loved Christina Ricci as Wednesday Addams.” - Mike, 37

“Marty McFly in purple Calvin Kleins.” - Annie, 39

"Three magic words: Jonathan Taylor Thomas." - Liz, 27

"Jessica Rabbit. Roger didn't deserve her." - Drew, 22

"Topanga Topanga Topanga Topanga Topanga Topanga." - Alex, 27

“Tim Curry as a sweet transvestite.” - Jessica, 39

“Westley, Princess Bride. 'As you wish!'" - Diana, 33

“Han Solo. Hottest ass in galaxy.” - Josie, 36

“Yeah, Michael Landon. It’s his mane.” - Aimee, 30

“Kelly Kapowski gave me wet dreams.” - Gabriel, 28

Illustration by Brandon Celi

“Cartoon Egon Spengler (that curl though).” - Lauren, 34

“All four Beatles, especially John. Swoon.” - Alex, 33

“Judd Nelson with fist in air.” - Courtney, 39

“Fox Mulder. Then, now, and forever.” - Leah, 33

“Connery as Bond: damn, that tux!” - Jill, 34


“Michael Jackson pre-botched nose job.” - Calry, 42

“Cary Elwes as mostly dead Westley.” - Sam, 27

“Mrs. Brisby from Secret of NIMH." - Laslo, 36

“Kelly Kapowski definitely rang my bell.” - Jason, 37

“Sarah Michelle Gellar. AOL password: SMGisHot.” - Drew, 33

“Lou Diamond Phillips in La Bamba.” - Mary, 36

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