Frank Ocean Releases Physical Copies of 'Endless' for Cyber Monday

Available for just 24 hours, his new limited-edition drop of 'Endless' transfers it from its original video format to VHS, CD, vinyl, the deepest corners of your mind.

So we're now living through a period in the music industry's life in which an artist's merchandise is considered of note. Time was an artist like Eminem could release a branded urinal mat and no one would hear about it. On the one hand this industry shift is mostly terrible and turning what was once a collection of really neat online voices into one consolidated PR machine, vomiting out almost identical capitalistic sick. On the other hand musicians have got to eat, so more power to those who are doing it right.


If there's one artist that's doing the merchandise and release game properly it's Frank Ocean. By releasing more than, say, a collection of cheap baseball hats, his Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals have let loose with items you wouldn't be stupid to spend any kind of money on. Last year it was the Blonded magazine, the album on vinyl, a poster, etc. This year it seemed Frank had just dropped a hoodie. However that changes today with the physical release of Endless, the album he dropped before Blonde, which can be purchased on pretty much any format your heart desires beside mini-disc. There's also some limited edition, double-sided posters up for sale too.

At this point there could be some spiel about why these things are beautiful, how they trump most other artists releases, a detailed analysis of exactly how Frank Ocean has successfully approached the industry's New Rules. But you have eyes, we're not the boss of you, make your own judgement and look at the items below.

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