'American Truck Simulator' Is Closing a Virtual Highway Because of a Landslide IRL

"Its reopening in our 'American Truck Simulator' will depend entirely on real world events."
Image: SCS Softworks

Back in May, a huge landslide in Big Sur buried a section of Highway 1 in California, closing off access to one of the most scenic drives in the United States. It's a beautiful stretch of road along the cliffs on the Northern California coast, and while I heard that it's a great time even if you're not extremely ripped on drugs while you're there, I wouldn't know.

Anyway, it's a major bummer that this beautiful section of highway was closed, but it's 2017, so if you're looking for a fix you can at least jump into the popular game American Truck Simulator and cruise the same road virtually, right?


The bad news—or incredible news, I suppose, if you're a simulation nerd like myself—is that American Truck Simulator developer SCS Software announced on Wednesday that it is closing the same stretch of road in the game so it matches what's happening in California IRL.

"Dear American truckers. In your future travel plans, please keep in mind the temporary closure of the offshore section of California's coastal Highway 1. As you already know from the IRL media, Big Sur landslide interrupted the iconic route," SCS Software wrote on its blog. "We always strive to bring something new in our game updates. This time, at this particular spot, we will not give, but take. The next update will close the Highway 1 section. Its reopening in our American Truck Simulator will depend entirely on real world events. Fortunately, an alternate route is going to be available."

SCS Software didn't say whether it will wait for California to fix Highway 1 completely before it updates the game again to open the road, but the truly good news is that, according to The Mercury News, the California Department of Transportation is hard at work and making quick progress on opening beautiful Big Sur for stoners and their designated drivers.