HAAi's Turned in a Psychedelic Screamer For Our Incantations Mix Series


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HAAi's Turned in a Psychedelic Screamer For Our Incantations Mix Series

The Phonox resident has provided an hour of head-spinning sorcery for your listening pleasure.

Our Incantations mix series, as young as it is has fast become our pride and joy. We've wept great gloopy tears as we've watched it grow; from blinking into life with Apiento, to boasting out of this world sets of ambient, eclecticism from the likes of Gramrcy and Oscar Smith. It does our hearts good, we'll tell you that, to know that there are so many psych-folk records we've never heard. Honestly.


The sixth installment brings us no less joy, coming from the hotly-tipped HAAi. The London-based DJ's profile has risen considerably in the past year or so, since she became Brixton nightclub Phonox's new resident in 2016. Her sets have garnered universal praise for their willingness to challenge what does and doesn't belong on a London dancefloor. Her residency has fast become the most reliably exciting thing in the capital's nightlife since home-delivered McNuggets. Oh and she's just released a fantastic new track as well, called "DaDaDa"—so give that a listen while you're here.

She brings a similar sense of adventure to this series, wending through psychedelic workouts, submerged percussion and Turkish rock — most notably deploying the ever welcome "Cemalim" by Erkin Koray. This one is not to be missed.

"DaDaDa" is out now, you can buy it here.