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Here's an Ethereal New Waxahatchee Video For "Recite Remorse"

It's another visual for a track from 'Out in the Storm.'
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Katie Crutchfield's music videos as Waxahatchee always tend towards a sort of DIY charm. As we've also seen recently in the visual for "Silver," another track from Out in the Storm, released 14 July, they're often low-key affairs made atmospheric by aspects like set design and Crutchfield's own performance, a kind of lesson in how less can sometimes be more.

Her new clip for "Recite Remorse" follows much in the same vein, with an oddly Kate Bush-esque Crutchfield seen amidst an ethereal-seeming light show, performing the contemplative track alone. It's a fittingly affecting visual accompaniment to one of the album's more subtle highlights, and its colour palette of blues, greens and purples will have you feeling like you're floating away on a wave, but like, in a good way. Watch above and get washed up on the shore of your own #feelings.

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