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These Wacky President GIFs Are Like History on Laughing Gas

Fake history > fake news.
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Stream-of-consciousness presidential trivia illustrated by zany GIFs spills out of animator Chris Timmons' mind onto the web page of his ongoing everyday project, ALL THE PRESIDENTS. The Emmy-winning Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Disney alum builds an alternate timeline-in-chief in which George Washington rides a shining Labrador pup, John Quincey Adams is a DJ, and Grover Cleveland is a honey-guzzling Winnie the Pooh pretender.


"Inspired by July 4th and the surreal political climate, I've recently started a daily GIF challenge," he tells Creators. "Since June 1st, I've been GIF-ing a new president each day, Washington to Trump. Full disclosure: things get pretty wild."

Most of the time, "wild" means light on the facts and heavy on absurdist pop culture references, but, as with James Buchanan, sometimes Timmons' wit gets real. "Many have tried to dethrone Buchanan as America's Worst President, but dividing the nation and flushing the economy down the toilet isn't as easy as it looks," he captions a GIF of the 15th commander-in-chief emblazoned on a "World's Worst President" mug.

Timmons is 34-deep into a daily project he says will last, "45 days… or 46? Only history will tell." He's referring to recent calls for President Donald Trump's impeachment, which experts say is unlikely and could actually damage Democrats. Should Trump last the remaining 21 days until Timmons GIFs him, we're excited to see how the Pratt graduate thinks of a fiction that's wilder than the facts.

See more of Chris Timmons' work on his website.


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