The New 'Blade Runner 2049' Trailer Makes You Wish It Was October Already

The sequel's release date can't come soon enough.
July 17, 2017, 2:55pm

We've already seen a handful of teasers and trailers for Blade Runner 2049, Denis Villeneuve's long-awaited sequel to the Ridley Scott classic. But on Monday, Good Morning America premiered a new trailer for the film, and it looks so good that you'll wish summer was over and the film's October release date was here already.

The trailer recycles some pieces we've already seen—flying cars zip through a bleak future Los Angeles, giant lady holograms poke their hologram fingers around, and Jared Leto's glassy-eyed character talks about how replicants are the slave class propping up civilization. But there are some tantalizing new bits as well.


While earlier trailers went all Force Awakens and centered on Harrison Ford reprising his role as Rick Deckard, this latest one gives us more on Ryan Gosling's character, Officer K. K is an LAPD cop tasked with tracking down Deckard—and, also, with somehow being the savior of humanity.

Deckard (who was on the run with a replicant named Rachel at the end of 1982's Blade Runner) explains to K how he was "being hunted" and how he's covered his tracks. Apparently the hunt's still on 30 years later, since a ship bursts in with guns blazing in the next shot. We see more shots of a terrifying Robin Wright and a dystopian future LA, and K winds up wearing more bandages on his nose than Jake Gittes.

"I had the lock, but he has the key," Jared Leto's disembodied voice whispers as Ryan Gosling stares furtively at an old tree. Is Officer K the "he"? Is it Deckard? What is going on?

"The future of the species," Leto continues, "is finally unearthed."

We'll have to wait until the movie drops on October 6 to find out what the hell he's actually talking about, but it can't come soon enough.