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Amaal Nuux Wants You To Be Loud About Love In “Scream”

"Everywhere but here... it's complicated."

Love should never be silent and that's the message behind Amaal Nuux's newly liberated single 'Scream'. In 'Scream' the Somali-born and Toronto-based singer encourages others to be proud of their love and shows off her over an airy Khristopher Riddick-Tynes produced record. Nuux uses the record to give advice to her listeners by telling them to continue to push through even when people criticize their relationships.


"The song was inspired by us all talking about being so madly in love with someone that people around you or the world may not fully understand," says Nuux over email. "The line 'Everywhere but here it's complicated' is repeated a lot because although society deems it unconventional, to us it's the most beautiful simple thing in the world. It's pure love!" Listen to 'Scream' below.

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