Please Don’t Flush Yorkshire Puddings Down the Toilet, Pleads Water Company

It’s really not that difficult, guys.
February 25, 2019, 2:58pm
Photo via Adobe Stock.

As a society, we’ve never been more conscious of our waste. After David Attenborough’s Blue Planet 2 terrified British viewers with its depiction of baby turtles being mercilessly strangled by plastic beer rings (or something), everyone knows which bits go in which bins and what not to chuck in the recycling. Even your dad peels the plastic nozzle off the juice carton now. Your dad!

Unfortunately, the nice folks in Ipswich seemed to have missed the memo. Yesterday, a water company tweeted about the discovery of a pipe blocked with a load of, uh, Yorkshire puddings? According to the Evening Standard, Anglian Water found the soggy remnants after being called to attend a sewer blockage in the English town.

In a tweet shared this weekend, Anglian Water wrote, “We’re sure even our friends at Yorkshire Water wouldn’t welcome this sight! Somebody dumped a load of Yorkshire Puddings (sic) in an Ipswich sewer.” The company also encouraged Ipswich residents not to “treat sewers as bins,” and to always dispose of food waste in compost bins.

We will never know how a large quantity of delightful, roast dinner sides ended up down the loo. Perhaps the puddings just didn’t have the right rise, or an enraged home cook threw them out thinking they were a subordinate Dutch baby. Or maybe the issue was lack of space in the food waste bin, a subject close to the heart of environmental secretary Michael Gove, who recently called to increase food waste bin pick-ups to once a week.

After the blockage was cleared, Anglian Water followed up their statement with a helpful reminder of what *can* go down the loo: “Only flush the three ‘Ps’—pee, (toilet) paper and poo.”