Bill Walton Was in the Original 'Ghostbusters'

You can't really call it a "cameo," but the man sure is in it—albeit the closing credits. But whatever, Bill Walton is in "Ghostbusters"!
Bill Walton and "Ghostbuster" villain, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.
Photos by ALLEN J. SCHABEN/EPA-EFE/POOL (left) and via Flickr user GabboT

You can officially count at least two famous Bills credited in the original Ghostbusters movie now. Aside from a hefty helping of Murray, apparently the movie has got just the tiniest essence of Walton, as confirmed by Bill Walton himself and later by a keen-eyed Redditor.

Everyone's favorite walking hippie dad joke is known for his antics on TV—rubbing dirt on himself, shouting out the Wu-Tang Clan, telling boring stories about real estate moguls. He once even took to Reddit to talk about being milked, whatever the hell that means.


Anyway, last night he was doing his usual comedy bit (if he even knows he's hilarious), with perennial straight-man Dan Pasch, when he brought up his appearance in the film. Pasch, however, was dubious of Walton's claim:

Pasch said he's seen the movie a hundred times, and can't place him. Walton then dropped a clue about where he appears, saying, "you haven't watched all the way til the end." Pasch still can't believe it and it started eating away at him, so he asked Walton if he was the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (maybe in a suit?):

Then it started eating at Pasch even more—he just had to know who Walton played. He even asked him if he played Zuul (maybe the voice?):

Wait, Bill Walton doesn't know the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man or Zuul?! I'm with Pasch on this one—no way dude was in that movie.

But lo:

Oh, did you miss the phantasmal towering redhead lurking in the background? Here's the still in case you need it:

Ah yes, there he is. I'll eat my hat. Heck, the man is even listed on IMDb as appearing as himself, uncredited. He's even made (credited) appearances in Forget Paris, The Jeff Foxworthy Show, and Little Nicky. It also says he played a cop on a show called Snoops. Unreal. It seems that Bill Walton isn't too dissimilar to Bill Murray after all—showing up where you least expect him, unannounced.

h/t Awful Announcing