Watch a YouTuber Block Flames With a DIY ‘Sekiro’ Umbrella Shield

Colin Furze blocks fireworks and flames with a DIY flip-out umbrella from From Software's new title 'Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.'
YouTuber Colin Furze made a DIY umbrella shield from 'Sekiro: shadows Die Twice'
Screengrab: YouTube/colinfurze

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a difficult game made easier through an array of ninja gadgets. One of the best gadgets, hands down, is the loaded umbrella shield—a spiral of steel that protects the player from projectiles.

YouTuber-slash-mad-scientist Colin Furze wanted to see if he could recreate Sekiro’s folded umbrella for himself. Shockingly, it worked, and you can watch Furze wielding the wrist mounted shield below as he uses it to defend against fireworks, a flamethrower, and the sparks from machine tools. According to the YouTube description, the video was made in association with developer From Software and publisher Activision.


Furze walks through how he constructed the shield in an earlier video. As he explains, he made the shield from 24 interlocking steel plates attached to a motor that fans them out. A cable runs through the plates that, once they're fully extended, bends the plates to create a shield effect.

This isn’t Furze’s first DIY Sekiro tool. A week before the game’s release, he crafted a wrist-mounted axe that he can deploy with the flick of his arm.

“OK, so the loaded axe is a concept from a video game,” Furze said. “But this thing, in the real world, is actually pretty useful. I’ve got full arm movement. It doesn’t get in the way, it doesn’t poke me in the body…I could see the army or craftsman using these.”

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