We Won't Spoil 'Kingdom Hearts III,' But We Can Tell You If It's Fun

Today's Waypoint Radio also includes thoughts on the recent 'Anthem' demo and a very important PSA about personal finance.
Header image courtesy Square-Enix and Disney

After spending nearly two hours listening to Waypoint try to dissect the lore of Kingdom Hearts, you might be wondering “OK, but is the new one any fun to play?” Patrick and Natalie have spent some hours with Kingdom Hearts III, and are joined by Austin, Danielle, and Cado to dissect the latest Square/Disney crossover.

But Kingdom Hearts III isn't the only thing the Waypoint staff's been playing recently. While Danielle thoughtfully explores the zombie-infested police station of Resident Evil 2, Austin has been pulled deep into its belly, his mind obsessed with the too-perfect structure of its hallways, puzzles, and boss fights.Thankfully, Cado is there to save him with the power of mechs, as the two explore the messy but fun Anthem demo. The crew also has thoughts on Life is Strange 2's latest episode, Metro Exodus' sudden Epic Games PC exclusivity, and, uh, Natalie's bank account.

Discussed: Kingdom Hearts III, Anthem, Resident Evil 2, Life is Strange 2, Dating Apps, Sandwiches

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