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How to Tell Someone Is Flirting with You, According to Their Sign

Let's just say some signs are more subtle than others.

For Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating the breakups that shaped us, in all their messy glory. Because love is just as much about heartbreak as it is about romance. Read all the stories from our Love Bites series here.

Astrology is my favorite tool for self knowledge. It’s also my favorite tool for trying to figure out what the heck a crush is thinking!

Communication is your best friend, but sometimes, actions really do speak louder than words. If you’re not ready to ask your crush how they feel and risk potential heartbreak, here are some signs you can watch out for before deciding whether you’ll ask them to be your valentine:


Aquarius (January 19 - February 18)

Why does steamy, romantic Valentine’s Day land in cool, aloof Aquarius season? I really can’t say, but one thing’s for sure: It can be very hard to tell if this detached, poker-faced air sign is into you. As cold as this wintry sign might seem, they have powerful emotions and can be deeply, passionately attracted to you while seeming totally chill on the outside. Aquarians desire a strong intellectual connection, and they’re most attracted to big, gregarious personalities—people who aren’t afraid to say how they feel! So if you’re into an Aquarius, make your feelings known.


Pisces (February 18 - March 20)

Pisces people can be shy in general—but when they have a crush, you’ll probably know because they love to flirt! If a Pisces takes extra care to make you comfortable (grabbing a drink or preparing food for you, wrapping you in a cozy blanket), that’s a good sign. Yes, they’re generous with many people, but they’re also flakey as hell. Take a look around the room—are they doting on anyone else as much as they are on you? If not, they think you’re someone special. It can be easy with someone as intuitive as Pisces to simply feel like you’re both on the same page, and while that’s true, Pisces is most attracted to people who can articulate their thoughts and emotions—so share yours!


Aries (March 20 - April 19)

Go-getting fire sign Aries will absolutely let you know if they have a crush on you—no guessing games needed! If you can’t tell whether an Aries is into you, then you can be pretty sure that they aren’t. Does your Aries crush flash their success in your face? These rams may be show-offs, but they’re not trying to flaunt their achievements—they’re likely just trying to impress you and let you know they’re a catch. If an Aries is playing it cool, then congratulations, you’ve met a mature ram who has learned the art of seduction! Either way, sit back and enjoy the ride—because Aries knows passion, and isn’t afraid to show it.


Taurus (April 19 - May 20)

Has your bovine bud been posting more thirst traps lately? If so, Taurus definitely has a crush—but whether it’s on you is the real question. One sign a Taurus is into you is that they’re liking all of your posts, attending your events, or otherwise making a noticeable effort to participate in your life. Tauruses are so lazy that they will not do any of these things consistently if they don’t have feelings for you. But if a Taurus talks to you about having a crush on someone else, they’re probably not into you in a romantic way. They tend to move very slowly and either get stuck in the hook-up zone or are ready to fully commit to someone. Don’t play a guessing game with Taurus—communicate your feelings and they’ll let you know whether they’re committed to being with you.


Gemini (May 20 - June 21)

Gemini is one of the flirtiest signs of the zodiac—however, when they have a serious crush, their mind can draw a blank! If your otherwise chatty Gemini is at a loss for words when you’re around, that can be a major sign they’re into you. It’s said that Geminis are fickle, and while that can certainly be true, if they like you, they really like you, and if they’re interested, this partner-oriented sign will text you throughout the day and invite you to everything from errands to after-parties. Geminis have a surprising romantic side, and if they’re into you, they’ll definitely ask you to be their valentine.


Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Because Cancer is often stereotyped as a homemaker, people think they’re too docile to make the first move—but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Cancers love the chase; they are just less direct about it than Aries. These crabs aren’t exactly materialistic people, but they’re very attached to sentimental items. If they gift you something that’s important to them, you can be sure they have a tremendous amount of trust and admiration for you. But are their feelings for you romantic? Cancers bake cakes for friends and family, but if they’re into you romantically, this nurturing sign will express lust with a flirty photo or DM.


Leo (July 22 - August 23)

Leos are romantic, but they can lose interest very quickly—you have to keep them guessing! This is why Leos fall for mysterious Scorpios and aloof Aquarians, even though their goals and needs can be so different. You can tell a Leo’s into you by how hard they flex when you’re around—as in literally showing off their abs, their awards, or how many people are flirting with them. Leo may be the sign of the lion, but they’re also like peacocks who really show off. Leos signal their love with traditional showy romantic gestures, like bouquets of roses, romantic dinner invitations, and signing messages with kisses.


Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Virgos are a mercurial bunch—as in they’re literally ruled by the planet Mercury. One day they think you’re cute, and then decide it’s over the next when they see you wearing sandals on a city street. But if the two of you have a strong intellectual chemistry, Virgo will drop their usual tendency to nit-pick. This do-gooder earth sign occasionally breaks the rules, so if they invite you on any of their more risky activities, that means they think they can have fun with you. Virgos value their privacy and alone time, but when it comes to friends and lovers, they really enjoy being able to communicate with them throughout the day. They can be guarded with their emotions, but you’ll know whether your Virgo friend is into you because they check in with you to say hello—not in the group chat, but in a direct message.


Libra (September 22 - October 23)

You’ll know a Libra has a crush on you because they have a crush on everyone. Just kidding—though Libras do tend to have crushes on anyone who is stylish and intelligent, whether or not they’re physically attracted to them. Libras are very social and popular, so if they make time to spend with you, you can bet they at least care deeply about you as a friend. Libra is a complicated sign to date, because unless they have a rip roaring infatuation with you, they may not want to rush things even if they’re truly interested in you. It’s not that Libra wants to take it slow per se, it’s just that they think the honeymoon phase is the best phase, and they’ll want to remain in it as long as they can.


Scorpio (October 23 - November 22)

Every time Scorpio has a new crush, they take a moment alone. They close their eyes, get centered, and think to themselves: This is it. This is my big day. This is what my whole life has been leading up to. I will make them mine. Unless a Scorpio doesn’t want you to know they’re into you as part of some manipulative plot, you’ll know a scorpion likes you when they invite you to a sex party or mention that a favorite poet’s grave is nearby and invite you to see it.


Sagittarius (November 21 - December 21)

It’s easy to tell when a Sagittarius likes you—they text you, pick up your tab when you go out all night, and straight up tell you they think you’re cute! But it can be hard to know if a Sag’s feelings for you are serious or if they’re just having fun. Sagittariuses are especially spontaneous when they have a crush: If they start surprising you with gifts or weekend trips, they’re likely very excited about you. Centaurs are very blunt and highly value communication, so if you’re confused by their signals, just ask! They’ll respect you for it, even if they laugh in your face (don’t take it personally, they just think most things are funny!).


Capricorn (December 21 - January 19)

Capricorns take things very seriously, including their crushes. If a Capricorn is investing time into getting to know you, trust me, they are not doing it for kicks—they have so many other things to do! But how do you know if a Cap is into you as more than a friend? You have to ask! Communication is important to Capricorn, but they hold their cards close to the chest. If they haven’t straightforwardly asked you on a date, do it yourself, and you’ll get a clear answer. The typical Capricorn is not into public displays of attention, but they are very physically affectionate when they’re into someone, so keep that in mind!

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