This 'Seinfeld'-Themed Pop-Up Bar Has Endless Reruns But No Soup For You

It may not be Monk's Café, but Costanza's is now open for business in Sacramento.
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Screenshot via YouTube

For a show about nothing, Seinfeld's legacy has been impressively long and surprisingly rich. And like Jerry's girlfriends, it has taken many forms.

For those in Northern California who are severely lacking in their very own Monk's Café, a place where they can convene with their friends and kvetch about the little indignities of the world, Sacramento is now home to Costanza's, a Seinfeld-themed bar named for Jason Alexander's bumbling, balding character George Costanza.


Although it sadly bears no resemblance to Monk's nor to Jerry's iconic apartment, Costanza's will dedicate one of its many TVs (alas, sports bar vibes) exclusively to looping Seinfeld reruns, in case you needed a refresher on which female body part Jerry's girlfriend's name rhymed with in "The Junior Mint."

The bar opened in mid-January, and according to local news station ABC 30, it plans to regularly host karaoke nights and eating competitions. Its food menu is currently zero-percent Jewish deli and full-throttle sports bar, with offerings like tater tots, sandwiches, sliders, nachos, and Buffalo wings.

Conspicuously absent: cereal and soup. Absolutely no soup for you.

If the bar picks up steam, maybe Sactown locals can expect to see the Kramers in their lives bursting through the front door on the regular.