Collage of items representing Scorpio
Illustration by Amanda Lanzone


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Scorpio Zodiac Sign: Dates, Meaning, and Personality Traits

Known for their intensity, Scorpios are emotional, stubborn water signs equipped with stingers.
June 1, 2015, 12:00pm

Scorpio Dates and Symbol

If you were born from October 23 - November 21, you're officially a Scorpio! Scorpio is represented by the scorpion, and those burn under this sign are known for being intense—and equipped with a stinger!

Scorpio Is a Water Sign of Sex, Mystery, and Death

If Libra is all about commitments and judgments, the next sign on the zodiac wheel, Scorpio, is all about what happens after all those commitments and judgments are made. The sign of sex, debt, mystery, and death—appropriately containing Halloween during its season—Scorpio is an intense and emotional water sign. They make excellent spies and therapists due to their seemingly supernatural ability to see beneath the surface.

Scorpio Is a Fixed Sign

The third of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius), Scorpio opposes Taurus on the zodiac wheel. While Taurus is content to sun her face on a grassy lawn, peacefully meditating, Scorpio burrows through the mud, digging for secrets and solving mysteries. Both Fixed signs, Scorpio and Taurus do share an ability to be loyal and solid, if stubborn. Scorpios nearly get turned on by grudges.

Scorpio Glyph, Tarot Card, Color, and Body Parts

Speaking of turn-ons, Scorpio's excitement is clearly visible in their glyph. Virgo is the sign before Libra—the virgin before marriage. Scorpio is the sign after Libra—the erection after marriage.

Scorpio is ruled by the Death card in the tarot. One may believe it's because they're so expert at burning bridges, but the truth is that, in addition to being known as the scorpion, whose stinger is always ready to strike, Scorpio is also tied to the phoenix, a symbol of death and rebirth. A Scorpio's journey is filled with evolutions and transformations.

Scorpio falls in the middle of autumn, a time of metaphorical death. The colors associated with Scorpio are rich, deep burgundies and browns, and Scorpio rules the genitals—a place no one hopes to get stung.