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Hazed and Confused: Bros Who Vape Explain Their Passion

In this episode of Ask a Bro, host Lauren Oyler treks from vape lounge to vape lounge across New York City in search of the oblivious, obnoxious vape douche.
May 27, 2016, 2:00pm

Like it or not, vaping has become an unavoidable cultural phenomenon. After vape was named the Oxford English Dictionary's word of the year in 2014, evidence of #vapelife began invading our city blocks, parks, and Instagram feeds. While many people use vaping to quit smoking cigarettes, others have less pure motives; they want to show off, with tricks and clouds and complicated device "builds." Often, this showing off takes place in movie theaters, in offices, and in the airspace of unsuspecting passersby; resoundingly, it is done by men.


In this episode of Ask a Bro, we wanted to find out whether all the bad things we thought about vapers were really warranted. Never having vaped herself, host Lauren Oyler voyaged deep into the world's first subculture for bros to find out what exactly all these men in hats love so much.