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This Basquiat-Esque Animation Is About Coming to Terms with Fate

Ollie Magee's award-winning 'Fall' takes a primitivist approach to depicting everyday struggles.

As cities rise, so too does the archetypal image of the "Falling Man," and in the award-winning animation, Fall, his dramatic descent is seen as something of an everyday occurrence, as mundane as the falling rain. Maakies-esque crows and cartoonish city-dwellers alike are cast in stark, primitivist pigments, giving Ollie Magee's three-minute short film the qualities of a Basquiat painting (a good thing, considering the going rate for a Basquiat today). "A falling man finds peace in his fate as he learns to let go of emotion, sensation and his physical body. His impact on the city and people below is felt if only for a brief moment," reads the film's description. If it sounds esoteric, that's only because you haven't experienced it yet:


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