Whale and the Wolf Want To Question Everything And Love Anything on “Touch”

“I say we set it on fire.”
May 29, 2017, 2:26pm

Love is easily in the top three reasons to risk everything and do something stupid, followed closely by Rihanna tickets and Krispy Kreme original donuts. Love is pretty good though, especially when Edmonton's Whale and the Wolf sings about it. Ryan Maier (vocals), Brandon Yaggey (guitar), Lucas Holt (bass) and Joel Jeschke (drums) released a new video for "Touch," directed by Keenan "KidPixel" Kirk. Produced by Danny Craig of Default, "Touch" is a synth-soaked rock jam that will make you act a fool for infatuation. And it will feel good. "Maybe we just don't belong, I say we set it on fire," Maier sings.


"Our band was fortunate enough to work with Danny Craig, the drummer of Canadian rock group Default," Whale and the Wolf told Noisey. "Upon digging into the lyrics of ['Touch'], one may be lead to believe that the narrative covers themes of your standard young forbidden love. Two runaways trying to escape the constructs of the bubble created by life's first and most influential authority figures. Without spoiling anyone's own personal interpretation, the themes do run deeper. There's a smattering of sarcastic undertones that roll throughout the verses. These cover the misplaced values and fixations of present day youth, but are not exclusive to this generation alone." Watch Whale and the Wolf's video for "Touch" above

Devin Pacholik wrote this while hungry and in love. Follow him on Twitter.