Pusha T's 'Succession' Remix Should Be the Show's New Theme

But does Kendall get a verse?
October 7, 2019, 6:35pm
Pusha T
Pusha T photo by Barry Brecheisen/WireImage. Succession screenshots via HBO.

UPDATE 10/11: The full song is out now, so give it a listen below.

Look, we all know it's true—the Succession theme is almost as good as the show itself, and the show is really, really, obscenely good. It makes just about everything a little better. The song was penned by Nicholas Britell, the mastermind behind last year's transcendent Beale Street score, and the detuned piano melody is enough to make even the lowest Gregs among us want to whip up a quick double Windsor and organize a corporate coup.

But it turns out that even the best things have room for improvement, because on Monday, Pusha T announced that he had remixed the Succession theme song—and HBO better use it during the opening credits for the season two finale next week. Just listen to "Puppets (Succession Remix)":

The track—which features Pusha rapping about family, fortune, and felonies, among other equally Succession-appropriate themes—and it fully slaps. Britell told Vulture that "there was only one person on the list of people to reach out to [for the remix]," and, well, "of course it had to be Pusha."

He was right. The only thing that could make this song any better would be if Kendall Roy randomly shows up for a verse. Pusha himself put it best in the interview with Vulture: "The show is dope."