Please Acknowledge Moby's Veganism Before He Gets a Face Tattoo

Apparently, his recent "Vegan For Life" neck tat didn’t cut it, so his new body art is even more extreme.
Chicago, US

Moby has had an interesting year. For one, the famous DJ, musician, and bald guy put out a memoir called Then It Fell Apart, which featured a passage claiming he dated Natalie Portman. The actress vehemently denied the assertion and Moby eventually apologized, writing, "I absolutely should’ve acted more responsibly and respectfully when Natalie and I first met almost 20 years ago.” Since then, the now 54-year-old songwriter has spent his time focusing on his decades-long animal rights activism instead of talking about who he may have dated back in the day.

In case you weren't aware, Moby is proudly vegan. Don't believe it? Well, this summer, he got a tattoo on his neck from artist Kat Von D that reads, "Vegan For Life." This week, Moby is celebrating 32 years as a vegan and decided to get even more body art to celebrate the occasion. The piece, also done by Von D, spells out "Animal Rights" on Moby's arms and hands. He writes of the tattoo on Instagram, "As November is my 32-year vegan anniversary I thought I’d get a tattoo (well, technically 12 tattoos) to celebrate. I’m a vegan animal rights activist for many reasons, but ultimately because I believe at the core of my being that every animal has the right to live their own life, according to their own will."

Check it out below. Moby is extremely vegan and he doesn't want anyone to forget it.