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Lil Yachty's Back with a Valee Collab and a Juice WRLD Remix

"Wombo" is a quick-hit and "All Girls Are the Same (Remix)" shows the best and worst of Yachty. Nether will help him find love.
JP Yim/Getty Images

Lil Yachty wants a girlfriend. "lol want girlfriend!!! Like asap!" he writes. And yet love eludes him.

It is with this in mind that we receive two new Yachty songs this morning. He teams up with Valee on "Wombo," spraying quickfire non-sequiturs over a ChaseTheMoney beat that shares a lot with his collaborator's breakout hit, "Womp Womp." Valee injects a little energy with his verse—I'm not sure he stops to breathe between his lines—but the only real highlight comes when Yachty finds a word that rhymes with Arkansas. That word is Panama.


And then there's his new remix of Juice WRLD's sad-sack emo-rap hit "All Girls Are the Same," a song that gives the Atlanta rapper an easy melodic base and a cartoonishly misogynistic thesis to work from. So we get the best and worst of Yachty—melody and unnecessary cliché. "Shoutout Megan, make a nigga cum in two seconds / It was all good til' no one wanted see me with it," he sing-raps. "Janet, shawty, hair from a different planet / Cool as fuck but I can't trust a soul, Goddamnit." It leads him to two conclusions, both of which he seems to say to himself. First: "These girls are the same / That's why I fuck 'em all the same, my brother." Second: "Please don't go insane / Over these raggedy hoes, my brother."

And yet somehow love eludes him.

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